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    Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    Up until recently, Hasbro only portrayed holograph and spirit figures one way: simple figures cast in translucent (clear) blue plastic with virtually no additional color at all and little or no articulation. This wasn't particularly accurate to the films since spirit characters were slightly see-through with a blue aura and slight blue tint; holograph characters were mostly the same thing, except without the aura.

    But this year, Hasbro has attempted something different, a Holo Luke and a Spirit Obi-Wan figure that are colored like normal characters but cast in translucent plastic; these new figures also have more articulation than the older holo/spirit figures. This recent change has sparked some debate, as evident in this thread. Each school has its supporters and detractors, and only time will tell which style becomes the new standard.

    So which is the superior style for these holograph & spirit figures? Cast your vote and post your opinion!

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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    Well lets just face it folks, no matter what we may like or dislike about the figures that we so vigorously pursue, there will always be change. These new holo figures are a prime example. I happen to like the old blue figures quite alot and didn't mind leaving them as they were. But, the new holos are good looking and no matter what medium that Hasbro sticks with, I will continue to gather them up. However, I will have to put in my vote for the old-school blue and hope to see them make a comeback.
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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    Well for me this is a 2 part vote but I voted old style.

    The old style Holograms look better than the newer color versions IMO. As I stated in the other thread the color isn't the problem its that they aren't translucent enough. The progression from all blue to color holograms is accurate.

    As for the Jedi Spirit figures I'd have to say I prefer the new color versions over the old frosted all blue look. The Jedi Spirits always had a bit of color to them in the films anyways, making these newer versions more accurate. I do think they should tone the color down a bit and have more of a blue aura around them though in order to set them apart from the hologram figures though.
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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    I actually like the old translucent blue figures. Sure they aren't 100% acurate since they use only one color, but then again the new figures don't look right because they lose the blue aura almost completely. They look like underdeveloped babies with the tranlucent flesh color.
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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    While the new versions may be more "accurate," this is one example where screen accuracy doesn't necessarily translate into a better 3-dimensional real world product. I'll go with the old.

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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    Given a choice, I'd much rather go with to the "old" blue stlye. I agree with Hellboy, that these new ones aren't translucent enough at all. They end up looking like they're made of melted candy. It's a good idea, but I'm just not sure that it works for these toys, and the way Hasbro handles it.

    I really think that putting a very light bit of paint over the blue works well. From a "simple is often better" standpoint though, the clear blue alone was very nice.

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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    I'm going to hold judgement on this poll until I see the new Obi-Wan. I have the Jabba Luke holo and it's OK.

    The first holo Obi-Wan (the Frito Lay version) is of great quality. There's something about the Jedi Spirits trio that just bothers me. It appears as if they are frosted. But that's my two cents.

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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    I would like to see a combination of the two. I like the blue haze of the original version but I was very disappointed with the holo Luke with speckling. If they could blend the two I think they would hit it right on the head.

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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    I think I liek the blue better. The new ones would be better if they had a little more blue.
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    Re: Which spirit/holo style of figure is superior?

    they are frosted. I remember reading an artical in one of my magazines saying the reason for this is to make them look more etheral looking. I quite like the jedi spirits though. As for the new spirit and hologram figures...I think they look like cheap rip off versions of the new figures.


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