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    If the newest list is true, you might be able to take off Herme Odel, Lando Smuggler, Han Bespin Torture Chair, Padme from the fireplace scene, and the Nightlilly off the list.

    We know CZ-3, the Givin, and Biggs are coming off the list.

    I still hope some others are announced for the year (Yarna, the Tonnikas...), but 8 in one year would be pretty good.

    We'd have 6 out of our Top 10 choices. That's pretty good.

    It would be 19 out of 50 so far. Getting close to half.

    I wonder if the Jango (with poncho?) could be the apartment figure.

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    Jango with Poncho is from a deleted scene on the DVD.

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    Which one? I don't remember a cut scene with Jango.

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    Oh, then I guess it couldn't double for the apartment Jango as it looks like he has his armor on under there.

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    Yeah, he's wearing his armor under "the trash bag." But this way you'll have matching father-son figures in trash bags.

    Meanwhile, I can't believe that the bag would disguise his identity from Anakin if that is what he sought to accomplish with it.
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    Now we have some pleasant surprises for this RUMOR-ONLY update (in blue) - but they're exciting so I went ahead and did it.

    They include Han Torture Chair, and highlighting our Ewok choices, though I'd predict some of the vintage would be made first (Romba, Warok, Lumat, or a resculpt of Paploo, Wicket, or Logray - we get 2).

    I took Padme Senator (AOTC) down from the rumored status, since "Black Leather Temptation Padme" is almost confirmed. Hopefully any Padme we get will sell well and Hasbro will continue to do more of them. She's very colorful as a figure (yellow, purple, blue, orange cream, etc.) Anyway, here's what it looks like for now:

    Here's our Final TOP 50 LIST!

    1. Hem Dazon (Arcona - Mos Eisley Cantina)
    2. General Veers

    3. Herme Odel (Jabba's Palace)
    4. Beru Whitesun (AOTC)
    5. Cliegg Lars (AOTC)
    6. Lando Smuggler (last scene of Empire Strikes Back) - A Lando is on the list.
    7. CZ-3 (Jawa Sandcrawler, Mos Eisley Spaceport)
    8. Yarna dal Gargon (Jabba's fat dancer)
    9. Tey How (Niemoidian controller with eye and mouth pieces)
    10. Moff Jerjerrod (Death Star II Commander, ROTJ)
    11. Rebel Flight Tech (Yavin Base) - this is not the Honor Guard 30th figure.
    12. R5D4 (Jawa Sandcrawler)
    13. General Tagge (Death Star Conference Table)
    14. R2D2 Lightsaber Launcher (Jabba's Sailbarge)
    15. Bom Vimdim, (Advoze - Mos Eisley Cantina)
    16. Queen Jamilla (Naboo Queen - AOTC)
    17. Han Bespin Torture Chair (screaming Unleashed)
    18. Daultry Dofine (Captain, Trade Federation Droid Control Ship)
    19. Colonel Wulf Yularen (white Imperial uniform Death Star Conference Table)
    20. Torryn Far (female Hoth Rebel Solider, Ion Cannon Control)
    21. Owen Lars (AOTC)
    22. M'iiyoom Onith (Nightlilly - Mos Eisley Cantina) - very likely
    23. Jango Fett, out of armor (Fett apartment on Kamino, AOTC)
    24. Jocasta Nu (Jedi Librarian)
    25. Luke Endor Gear (removeable poncho, helmet, lightsaber) ????
    26. Saurin, (Hrchek Kal Fas from Mos Eisley Cantina)
    27. Ben Quadrinaros (pod racer)
    28. Tonnika Sister Brea or Senni from the Mos Eisley Cantina indications of her finally coming out near the later half of '07!
    29. Keeolkeech, Ewok Warrior - possible
    30. Wioslea (buys Luke's landspeeder, large creature, many eyes)
    31. Reegesk, Ranat (rodent like creature, Mos Eisley Cantina)
    32. R2D2 Shield Bunker (Battle of Endor - shot with all parts exposed
    33. Givin, Elris Helrot
    34. Padme Senator (AOTC - Palpatine's Office, Padme's Apartment)
    35. Queen Purple Dress (Return to Naboo, travel gown - TPM)
    36. Anakin Jedi Robes (AOTC = Evolutions)
    37. Major Derlin (Hoth Echo Base and "Cliff from Cheers")
    38. Luke Medical Frigate (last scene of ESB, includes 2 right arms, one exposed)
    39. Clone Trooper, red jumpsuit (AOTC, during Obi-Wan's tour of Kamino)
    40. Chief Chirpa, Ewok Leader
    41. Rep Been, Gungan Council
    42. Sgt. Doallyn, Jabba's Palace (with black helmet, gets thrown as Boussh enters)
    43. Klaatu (Woof) - original Klaatu figure by Kenner in 1983, with sheepskin
    44. Biggs Darklighter Academy (ANH Deleted Scenes)
    45. Treva Horme, Cloud City (tall alien background character)
    46. Slim Aloo, Imp Dignitary (original dignitary made by Kenner in 1985)
    47. black Bespin Guard (orginally as made by Kenner in 1982)
    48. Mother Ewok w. baby
    49. Tonbuck Toora (Separatist Leadership Council, giant mouse)
    50. Padme Black Leather Temptation (fireplace scene AOTC) - strongly rumored

    That could be up to 22 figures out of 50! (depends what satisfies you and how rumors will play out) Keep on going Hasbro!

    (Plus Gragga and Sora Bulq which were very close to originally making this list!)

    So we'll see if we get them all done. Try re-reading this thread to see how you feel the discussion went now that you've experienced some results.

    This was an awesome effort and I'm glad to see a lot of our wishes were taken into account! ADDED: 2007 looks to be an awesome year! Look at all that BLUE!

    There were 11 figures off this list in 2006 and there could be 11 more in 2007!
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    Now lets just hope the scale isn't totally screwed up!

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    The link didn't show me anything. Perhaps they took it down while I wasn't home?

    In any case, it sounds like it was good news. Was there a picture or just a listing?
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.


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