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    It's just the heading on the top of the page, but it still confirms the figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    It's just the heading on the top of the page, but it still confirms the figure.
    Ah, there it is. I overlooked that, or rather underlooked.

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    Tycho, you can cross out the Nightlilly. Looks like we won't see some of the other rumors at Toy Fair and will have to wait a while to see if some of the figures like Hermi Odle are coming!

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    Here's our Final TOP 50 LIST!

    1. Hem Dazon (Arcona - Mos Eisley Cantina)
    2. General Veers

    3. Herme Odel (Jabba's Palace)
    4. Beru Whitesun (AOTC)
    5. Cliegg Lars (AOTC)
    6. Lando Smuggler (last scene of Empire Strikes Back) - A Lando is on the list.
    7. CZ-3 (Jawa Sandcrawler, Mos Eisley Spaceport)
    8. Yarna dal Gargon (Jabba's fat dancer)
    9. Tey How (Niemoidian controller with eye and mouth pieces)
    10. Moff Jerjerrod (Death Star II Commander, ROTJ)
    11. Rebel Flight Tech (Yavin Base) - this is not the Honor Guard 30th figure.
    12. R5D4 (Jawa Sandcrawler)
    13. General Tagge (Death Star Conference Table)
    14. R2D2 Lightsaber Launcher (Jabba's Sailbarge)
    15. Bom Vimdim, (Advoze - Mos Eisley Cantina)
    16. Queen Jamilla (Naboo Queen - AOTC)
    17. Han Bespin Torture Chair (screaming Unleashed)
    18. Daultry Dofine (Captain, Trade Federation Droid Control Ship)
    19. Colonel Wulf Yularen (white Imperial uniform Death Star Conference Table)
    20. Torryn Far (female Hoth Rebel Solider, Ion Cannon Control)
    21. Owen Lars (AOTC)
    22. M'iiyoom Onith (Nightlilly - Mos Eisley Cantina)
    23. Jango Fett, out of armor (Fett apartment on Kamino, AOTC)
    24. Jocasta Nu (Jedi Librarian)
    25. Luke Endor Gear (removeable poncho, helmet, lightsaber) ????
    26. Saurin, (Hrchek Kal Fas from Mos Eisley Cantina)
    27. Ben Quadrinaros (pod racer)
    28. Tonnika Sister Brea or Senni from the Mos Eisley Cantina indications of her finally coming out near the later half of '07!
    29. Keeolkeech, Ewok Warrior - possible
    30. Wioslea (buys Luke's landspeeder, large creature, many eyes)
    31. Reegesk, Ranat (rodent like creature, Mos Eisley Cantina)
    32. R2D2 Shield Bunker (Battle of Endor - shot with all parts exposed
    33. Givin, Elris Helrot
    34. Padme Senator (AOTC - Palpatine's Office, Padme's Apartment)
    35. Queen Purple Dress (Return to Naboo, travel gown - TPM)
    36. Anakin Jedi Robes (AOTC = Evolutions)
    37. Major Derlin (Hoth Echo Base and "Cliff from Cheers")
    38. Luke Medical Frigate (last scene of ESB, includes 2 right arms, one exposed)
    39. Clone Trooper, red jumpsuit (AOTC, during Obi-Wan's tour of Kamino)
    40. Chief Chirpa, Ewok Leader
    41. Rep Been, Gungan Council
    42. Sgt. Doallyn, Jabba's Palace (with black helmet, gets thrown as Boussh enters)
    43. Klaatu (Woof) - original Klaatu figure by Kenner in 1983, with sheepskin
    44. Biggs Darklighter Academy (ANH Deleted Scenes)
    45. Treva Horme, Cloud City (tall alien background character)
    46. Slim Aloo, Imp Dignitary (original dignitary made by Kenner in 1985)
    47. black Bespin Guard (orginally as made by Kenner in 1982)
    48. Mother Ewok w. baby
    49. Tonbuck Toora (Separatist Leadership Council, giant mouse)
    50. Padme Black Leather Temptation (fireplace scene AOTC) - strongly rumored

    That could be up to 22 figures out of 50! (depends what satisfies you and how rumors will play out) Keep on going Hasbro!

    (Plus Gragga and Sora Bulq which were very close to originally making this list!)

    So we'll see if we get them all done.
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    Well, my money is on at least Bom Vimdim or Brainiac for 2008. Cantina aliens seem to be more popular with collectors than Jabba's aliens. I believe the Cantina scene is the most iconic "space fantasy" scene ever. When determining which cantina alien to produce as a figure, do you base your decision more on movie scenes or on popularity of a character? For example, the descision to make Myo to fill the sceen with Muftak and Djas Phur. If it is based upon movie scenes what's the possibility of such characters as Arleil Schous, Brainiac, F'u Man-Chu, & Bom Vimdin to sit with our Hem Dazon?

    Hasbro: We have to admit that we love our Cantina aliens, but don't necessarily agree with them being more popular than Jabba's Palace denizens, which have gained steam with collectors in recent years and seem to be popular in the Q&A, in online forms, and at conventions. We think the importance of both iconic scenes is that they, more definitely that perhaps any other scenes, transported us to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. We think It's best to "spread the love" to both of these iconic scenes in equal measures and you'll see us try to continue to do to that. As for Cantina character selects, since many of them have about the same screen time, we tend to base our selections on the ones we think look coolest and most uniquely Star Wars and are "must haves" for the Cantina fans. At least one of the ones you mentioned are scheduled for 2008. We hope, eventually, to be able to do all of them but the humans are taking a back seat a bit.

    My reasoning on Arliel Shous the Defel is that he too closely resembles Lak Sivrak the Shistavenian Wolfman. Both were off-the-shelf werewolf outfits that Lucas had store-bought to help fill out the cantina. This is why he wanted them edited out in the Special Edition with Ketwol and that other alien that looked like the frog that thought he was Prince.

    I don't know who F'u Man-Chu is, but assume he might be human with a Mandarin mustache. The Ranat or Zvizzit insect would be better choices. Bo Shek is the premier human in the bar (other than the main cast) and the Tonnika Sisters are close enough.

    In any case, we are moving right along on our list, huh? Herme Odle and Han Solo Bespin Torture Rack are confirmed in Hasbro's Q&A as well. I'm just going to wait until we have a picture before I cross them out. They are already blue-listed so we know there's a great chance of seeing them. Hasbro said C4 for Herme Odle - so wait about another couple of months and we'll have pictures!

    That's about it for the moment. We may be at 23 / 50 from our list! Whoo-Hoo! (even the worst case scenerio gives us 20 / 50 - so that rocks!)

    If you re-read this thread and all the various figure choices from the polls (they were seriously very complete) were we to get all of these 50 and we'd see all but the bottom of the barrel for our entire collection being complete!
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    I'd say you're on to something with your Bom Vimdim guess, Tycho. He seems like a likely candidate for figure treatment.
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    When I read the Found in L.A. thread had been lost I came and checked this one. It appears safe. This is my favorite thread on the site. I'd hate to see it lost.

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    Thank you Droid - thank everyone who participated, actually!

    That scared some sense into me, btw. I'll print out a hardcopy of our Top 50 with the cross-offs just in case. Gosh, the whole voting record is valuable to us.

    We're almost at 50% completion of our list now. Either with 75% or 100% done, I want to use the old groups (plus add ROTS in some voting mixes) to restart the effort one day. (In other words, take the first poll, remove Rep Been, Padme Handmaiden, whichever figures were made, and keep the Radiant VII crew, etc. - probably rounding out groups to 10 potential figures - except where keeping podracers or senators as a group makes more sense - or having a huge group of Outlander characters, etc.)

    I thought about adding EU but we'd move super-slow re-doing things in Chron Order starting with Naga Sadow. Boy would that be an undertaking! (I'd recommend keeping EU separate for the timing reason - it'd take so long!) I'm not opposed to doing it, but we'd have to plan out a methodological way (chron order seems to make the most sense) and post in the very first thread that we're going to be moving super-slow. (I prefer collections, so as while yes, Ulic, Nomi, Exar, Master Arca all make sense, so does Warb Null and Sith Shocktroopers and War Droids to round out a collection, and people will have to decide upon rules: "vote for 5?" or "vote for 5 main characters," and then a separate poll, "vote for 5 extras" from the genre to get a chance at war droids or Shanoeb Culu who wouldn't stand a chance next to Ulic - however, even with that group, you might want to make 3 categories, as certainly Sylvar is more important and desirable than the war droids. It'll be complicated.)

    And to do that: when would we decide to be done with it all? It could take a year or more - with voting sometimes only once a month or something because of the lag time it would take to cover a story and record all the potential characters. Trust me - I know from doing Rogues' Gallery.

    But I mean, we'd hit the bottom of the barrel with the movie figure thread - I think it'd be the last time we could do that. This thread we have here represents the best ideas and the ones that did not make our Top 50 here, (Captain Panaka without his hat / softgoods ; white male B-wing Pilot) would probably make the final Top 50 we could squeeze out of the remaining possibilities. Still it wouldn't be as exciting as Luke Endor with all his accessories, the Givin, Biggs in Academy Uniform, or General Veers with complete armor! We did good this first time around! Really Good! C'mon: Biggs!!! (OK, he's a speaking character that was an important friend to our hero, but his cut scene might be less well-known than the Ice Cream Maker Guy's appearence. They had the head, but had to sculpt a whole new body for that figures. We did good! - and ICMG could be kit-bashed anyway)

    But yeah - I'll print another hardcopy of this list. I gave all my older hardcopies to Hasbro in 2005 I think. I gave like 5 or more to Darrel, and also handed them out to Mark, both Brians, and I think another dude that was a sculpter. SSG's Dr.Evezan is my witness. That was a highlight of C3 for me actually.

    Anyway, my earliest years in the EU are in my storage somewhere. It'd take some time to find them. I don't have my TOTJ comics here at my new place. Let alone my Jedi Apprentice books.

    My first priority now is finishing my own original novel. Then moving to publish it.

    A new movie figure poll based on this format would wait until we're 75% to 100% done here. I mean, a resculpt of Paploo next to getting the first ever huge figure of Wioslea? We all should have similar tastes and preferences there.

    What kind of timing should be the goal for an EU poll? If it took a YEAR to complete with voting once to twice a month (assuming that could be done), would 2009 be when Hasbro first gets the list of figures - at C5 or something?
    How relevant will 1992's Sallah Zend and Executer Sedriss be then? (Who??? ....right) "Attention collectors, nearly 20 years ago, this "B-character" appeared in a comic book..."

    And some will just not care for EU figures no matter what - even though we may never get "the ultimate" versions of figures as Hasbro has sort of said so (they want to keep us buying).

    What to do?
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    My comments are above. But I love lists and I just wanted to list the remaining figures to be done (that we voted for) and note how really well they reflect collector sentiment:
    1. Herme Odel
    2. Beru Whitesun
    3. Cliegg Lars
    4. Lando Smuggler
    5. Yarna dal Gargon
    6. Tey How
    7. Rebel Flight Tech (Yavin Base)
    8. R2D2 Lightsaber Launcher (Jabba's Sailbarge)
    9. Bom Vimdim* good bet here
    10. Queen Jamilla (AOTC)
    11. Han Bespin Torture Chair
    12. Daultry Dofine
    13. Torryn Farr
    14. Owen Lars (AOTC)
    15. Jango Fett out of armor
    16. Jocasta Nu
    17. Saurin (Mos Eisley)
    18. Ben Quadrinaros
    19. Tonnika Sister
    20. Keeolkeech (Ewok)
    21. Wioslea
    22. Reegesk (Ranat - Cantina)
    23. R2D2 Endor Shield Bunker
    24. Padme Senator (AOTC)
    25. Queen Purple Dress
    26. Luke Medical Frigate (hand repair)
    27. Clone Trooper (red jumpsuit)
    28. Sgt. Doaylln
    29. Woof
    30. Treva Horme
    31. Slim Aloo
    32. black Bespin Guard
    33. Mother Ewok w. baby
    34. Tonbuck Toora
    35. Padme Black Leather Temptation

    I shrunk the characters I'll be crossing off soon as we get a picture and took Bom Vimdim to be the 2008 figure Hasbro hinted at because he's on the new Labria (Saga2's) card photo in the background very prominantly.

    You know: a lot of these could be knocked off easily with battle packs:

    - the Lars w. Padme Tatooine, AOTC C-3PO repaint or moisture vaporator
    - recycle Owen & Beru later with Obi-Wan, baby Luke, Eopie beast
    - package Yarna with Woof, Sgt. Doallyn, Reegesk, a Saurin.
    - Tey How, Dofine, a few Federation blue Pilot Droids, maybe the Destroyer w. shield
    - Jango out of armor with Kamino Civillian, Clone in red jumper, Obi-Wan "wet," Cloning technician craft
    - Treva Horme, with black Bespin Guard, ICMG, Wiorkettle, stormtrooper
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