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    I went back to list how likely I'd be to buy these figures, this will be every figure offered in this thread, not just in the runoffs.


    • Radiant VII female captain (Republic Officer) - absolutely not, hated this character!
    • Radiant VII male co-pilot (Republic Officer) - no interest.
    • Captain Dauldry Dofine (Niemoidian / Trade Federation) - nah, not different or interesting enough from the already-released Neimoidian figures.
    • Commander Tey How (Niemoidian / Trade Federation) - possibly, I liked the interesting accessories she had, so if done right.
    • Qui-Gon Jinn (molded cloak, hood up) - very possibly, this was never done right to begin with and I wanted to see something like that.
    • Nute Gunray Hologram - no interest.
    • Senator Palpatine Hologram - ditto.
    • Battle Droid (blue-stripe / pilot droid) - probably not, just not interested in all those BD variants anymore.
    • Gungan Rep Teers (Councilmember) - not likely.
    • Padme Handmaiden - at least 1, maybe up to 4 of these to represent the queen's handmaidens who were omnipresent throughout the film.

    • Captain Panaka (softgoods, removeable hat) - absolutely.
    • Black Travel Queen (softgoods that can sit on Royal Starship Throne) - absolutely not.
    • Qui-Gon Jinn, Tatooine Poncho, molded plastic - don't we already have this? either way, no.
    • black Coruscant Guard (ethnic variation of the Senate Guard) - nope, got enough of these guys already.
    • Chancellor Valorum, brown business suit from landing platform - too little, too late, no thanks.
    • Queen Amidala, PreSenate (yellow gown from Palpatine's Office) - no chance at all, sick of these non-action figures that represented nothing of interest throughout the film.
    • Sei Teria, Asian woman, Supreme Chancellor Valorum's aide - no interst.
    • Queen Amidala, Post Senate (black gown -Palpatine's office and Nute Gunray's arrest) - no interest, see presenate.
    • Royal Handmaiden dark purple gown from Senate and Post Senate scenes - not likely unless we never get an orange handmaiden, then likely.
    • Queen Amidala Return to Naboo (purple travel gown also worn at Qui-Gon's funeral) - no interest, see presenate.

    • Gragga or SwokesSwokes (the chubba vendor) - kinda goofy guy but not in the podrace pilot kind of way so maybe.
    • Wald (little Rodian) - hell no!
    • Kitster (Anakin's friend) - double hell no!
    • Ann or Tan Gella (blue Twi'lek girls massaging Sebulba) - FRELL NO! We already have enough pointless inaction Twi'lek female figures.
    • Dud Bolt (podracer - looks like cross between coyote and alligator) - no way, dopey looking cartoon character.
    • Ben Quadrinaros (podracer - looks like a seed in a pod) - nope, I don't really care whatsoever about podrace pilots and this one was the most ludicrous of all.
    • Mohawnic (podracer - a Gran - looks like Ree-Yees) - nope.
    • Mars Guo (podracer - arrogant and has spiky things on top of his head) - nope.
    • Rats Tyrell (podracer - was killed during the Boonta Classic, had wife, kids) - Didn't we get a figure of this guy already? I can't keep track of these pointless podrace pilot figs, I wouldn't buy this guy though.
    • Wan Sandage (podracer - looks like a green fox or close to it) - no, podracers suck.
    • Aldar Beedo (podracer - looks like a green reptilian ant-eater with sharp teeth) - no, podracers blow.
    • Bolls Rohr (podracer - looks like the Tasmanian Devil) - no, podracers are lame, pointless, cheap crap.
    • Old Jira (elder lady who's friend of Anakin's and who's bones are aching) - AHAHAHAHAHA! Who the hell would buy this so-called "action figure"? Not me, that's who.

    • The Coruscant Taxi Driver (not exactly a Bothan, but looks similar) - not in the movie, so I have no idea what this looks like, but likely not.
    • Edcel Bargan (from Roona I think) - don't remember exactly which one this is, but not likely.
    • Mot Not Rab - who? another "not damn likely".
    • The Rodian Senator (long red cloak) - no thanks, lame.
    • Ithorian Senator (Hammerhead in long white cloak) - possible, I dig the Ithorians, but if it's just a rehash of the Momaw Nadon fig, no.
    • Ando Senator (4-eyed Aqualish like Ponda Baba - almost) - I found this lame, no thanks.
    • Gran Senator (either from Malastare or Gran homeworld - like Ree-Yees) - bah, nope.
    • E.T. Senator (probably Speilberg's property, but we can try) - not even as a curiosity.
    • Senator Yarua (Wookiee is supposedly confirmed, but we haven't seen it in plastic yet) - slightly possible, depends on the mood I'm in and accessories though.
    • Bail Antilles (human from Alderaan, wearing white) - didn't see the cut-scenes, but the pic I saw in the stickerbook suggests no.

    • Handmaiden (battledress, blonde - the most different you'd make her from Padme) - very unlikely.
    • Gungan Child - very VERY unlikely.
    • Gungan Female - they all look alike to me, so probably not.
    • black N-1 Pilot (Bravo 3) - slightly possible, depends on design.
    • female N-1 Pilot (Bravo 2) - better dialogue and an action-woman, so likely.
    • black Naboo Security (we can't have armies of clones) - nah, sick of Naboo people.
    • white Naboo Royal Guard (again, we can't have armies of clones) - ditto.
    • Federation Pick-up Droid (little white E.T. droid that cleans up after battles) - not likely, depends on actual fig though.
    • Gungan Band Member (drum and trumpet included) - not in a million years.
    • Queen Amidala Theed Celebration - no way.

    • Corde (Senator's Decoy from starship explosion) - nope.
    • Sly Moore (when we see the prototype, it'll be enough for this thread to ignore) - no interest.
    • Kit Fisto ( more articulation, relaxed pose, Jedi robe) - slight possibility, but not likely.
    • Luminara Undulli (more articulation, relaxed pose) - very unlikely.
    • Barriss Offee (more articulation, relaxed pose) - ditto.
    • Padme Amidala (Galactic Senate - from speech in deleted scene) - don't remember it, not important enough to buy.
    • Dorme (Senator's Personal Aide) - nope.
    • JarJar Binks (Palpatine's Office / Padme's Apartment robes) - NEVER!!!
    • Padme Amidala (Palpatine's Office / Private Apartment) - very unlikely.
    • Captain Typho (regular duty uniform) - yes, I'd buy this.
    • Anakin Skywalker (Padme's apartment, non-preposed Jedi robes) - yes, I'd buy this.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padme's apartment, non-preposed Jedi robes) - yes, I'd buy this, at least 2 of 'em probably.

    • Pamde (nightgown from attack, also balcony scene with Anakin - removeable outer robe) - no way.
    • alien aircar driver that almost hits Obi-Wan hanging on droid ("what the?!") - NO WAY!!!
    • Bufon Taire - Outlander Bartender (black human male, grey suit) - not likely at all, but not impossible.
    • Lunae Minx (Lucas' daughter as Twi'lek female) - NO MORE POINTLESS FEMALE TWI'LEKS! You'd think they were the ONLY other race in SW.
    • Tas Kee - Weequay pirate with blue hat + uniform, with Hat Lo - upon seeing it up close, ugly worthless mess, so no way.
    • Hat Lo - crime boss with collar taller than head hiding human features - not at all likely.
    • Nyrat Agira - sexy human chick with medusa spiked bruntte hair in red thong - nope, lame.
    • Immi Danoo - sexy blonde human female in short-shorts with cape - ditto.
    • Rosha Vess - purple haired sexy human chick with bikini top tattoos around her belly - double-ditto.
    • Necil Sing - Asian human female with beaded veil was interested in Anakin - triple-ditto.
    • Daro Willits - possibly half black, half-white human male with pony-tailed dreadlocks - quadruple-ditto.
    • Older Dug (Sebulba?) from Dexter's Diner - quintupple-ditto.
    • Younger Dug (from Dexter's Diner) - ok, how many ways can I say "no"?
    • Hermione Bagwa (Dexter's blonde human waitress with the garter) - nope.
    • Padme Amidala -refugee disguise from Outland Peasant Freighter - possible, depends on design.
    • Jocasta Nu - Jedi Librarian that helps Obi-Wan - INCREDIBLY unlikely.
    • Queen Jamilla - nope.
    • Sio Bibble - 10 years older - not likely, but I could be swayed.
    • Padme Amidala (from Senator's report to the Queen) - isn't she wearing the same stuff as the refugee disguise, except without the top veil? If so, no.

    • Padme at her parents' house (deleted scene, blue dress, midriff showing) - don't remember if I've seen it, but either way no.
    • Jobal Naberrie (Padme's mother- deleted scene) - no.
    • Padme's father (deleted scene) - nope.
    • Padme's Sister (deleted scene) - nada.
    • Either of Padme's nieces (deleted scene) - nein!
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (wet, hood up in shell cloak, SA in 2nd Jedi robe underneathe) - very possible, depends on design.
    • Kaminoan civilian - um, slightly possible.
    • Padme Amidala (backless dress from first kiss on balcony "here everything is soft") - no.
    • Clone Kid (more articulate "this group was created 5 years ago") - nah, 1 is enough for me I guess.
    • Adult Clone (in red jumpsuit shown eating, training "obeying any command") - maybe, that'd be kinda interesting.
    • Padme Amidala (yellow see-through dress from picnic by the waterfalls) - no thanks, another lame non-action figure.
    • Padme Amidala (black leather temptation dress from fireside talk) - creepy! no thanks.
    • Jango Fett (out of armor from apartment confrontation) - absolutely, especially with removable armor.

    • Owen Lars (Anakin's young step-brother) - I disliked this character, unneccessary and lame, so no.
    • Beru Whitesun (Owen's girlfriend) - ditto.
    • Cliegg Lars (Shmi Skywalker's husband) - slightly possible, depends on design.
    • Count Dooku (softgoods cloak most main guys get this version to sit in vehicles) - definitely will buy.
    • Separatist Niemoidan (forgot his name, but it's not Rune in E2) - nope.
    • Separatist Quarren Senator Tikkes (Squidhead wearing red) - no thanks.
    • Separatist Tonbuck Toora (large mouse the size of a Whipid) - no way! goofy looking.
    • Padme Amidala (from the Lars garage - "I killed them all") - no.
    • Shmi Skywalker (beaten by the Tuskens and dying) - eww, maybe.
    • Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in red "creat(ing) a Grand Army of the Republic") - not at all likely.

    • C-3PO - a regular sculpt, perhaps with mositure vaporator - not likely, but not impossible.
    • Padme Amidala - Arena fight, a resculpt of the ripped shirt version - ditto.
    • Bultar Swan - Asian female Jedi - no thanks.
    • Sora Bulq - Weequay Jedi who goes Dark Side later in comics - no.
    • Stass Allie - Adi Gallia's cousin that looks just like her - NO.
    • Darra - the blonde Jedi girl that goes "Haa!" Could be Jedi Quest character - no.
    • Pablo Jill - the new for E2 alien as a Jedi. Rumored but not yet prototyped - nope.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi - wounded by Dooku's saber - probably not.
    • Master Yoda - a super-articulated sculpt with cloth robe, lightsaber - no thanks.
    • Dooku's pilot droid from hanger duel - possibly, depends on fig.
    11) Ultra

    • Queen Amidala Theed Palace with Throne (desk and hidden weapons in chair) - possibly, depends on design.
    • Gardulla the Hutt with R5 droid or alien guard (you specify what you'd want) - not too likely.
    • Nute Gunray softgoods with mechanical spider-walker chair and holo-Sidious (not poseable) - possibly, again, depends on design.
    • Funeral Pyre Qui-Gon Jinn with battlewound, simulated fire like Unleashed Mace - no way.
    • Padme Amidala Nightgown with bed, crash-through window on partial wall, kohouns - nope.
    • Padme Amidala in backless dress with Naboo water-skimmer canoe vehicle - no.
    • Jango Fett out of armor with part of apartment wall with closet and window simulating looking out to Kamino landing platform and Slave-One (includes removed armor one-piece prop) - possibly, but not likely, prefer this be a basic.
    • Rickshaw droid with carrier coach (and maybe softgoods Padme in blue Tatooine outfit with midriff revealed) - slightly possible.
    • Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in red from "Emergency Powers speech" with Chancellor's speaker platform (could hold 3 figures) and camera droid - very slightly possible.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi as Dooku's Prisoner with Jedi Capture Device - ditto.
    • Large Flying Droid from Geonosion Droid Foundry that catches C-3PO when he falls (might include 3PO resculpt) - very unlikely.
    12) Ultra

    • General Tagge with Death Star Conference Table (indicate if you feel we should substitute an updated Tarkin here) - probably not, but not likely.
    • Rebel Tactical Control Officer with Yavin Battle Display showing Death Star firing range - slightly possible.
    • Darth Vader in the Executor's meditation chamber (complete improvement over "Complete Galaxy") - I'd probably buy this 'cause I'm a sucker.
    • Torynn Far (female Hoth officer) with Ion Cannon Control Station (add to Rieeken's tactical screen to start making a complete Echo Base Command Center) - slightly possible.
    • Ugnaught (new sculpt, or perhaps 2) with conveyor belt system, furnace, crates of junk, and a box full of C-3PO parts. (add Chewie and IG-88 to recreate classic scene and save C-3PO) - very unlikely.
    • Han Solo Bespin Torture Chair (anguished Han Solo gets electrocuted!) - possible, but this'd be way more likely as a basic.
    • Luke Skywalker Rebel Medical Frigate Recovery Room (surgery bed with Luke in hospital gown, and changeable arms has one reveal inner bionics of artificial hand) Add FX-7, 21-B, and Bacta Tank to make full medical center - ditto.
    • Jabba's Dungeon Droid Torture (the 21-B model being torn apart between two larger pieces of equipment. Includes equipment. Add EV-9D9 and 8D8 with their control stand and Gonk-Droid-Torture-Device, and then it'll only take a few Gamorreans - not very likely, I passed on the jabba's buddies set.
    • Worrt - the large creature outside Jabba's Palace that eats something that just ate something else. A burb accompanies the scene right before Leia as Boussh frees Han from the carbonite - NO WAY!!!
    • Han Solo in carbonite (speaking of) this new Han has bending elbows and wrists that turn, maybe even interchangeable hands, so you can fit him inside the carbonite block perfectly. The back closes over the figure, so Han is completely seeled in. An alternate cover (front) is included, that lets you see your Han figure inside, so you can display him with Boussh as he's "thawing" from his icy coffin - yes, but again, better as a basic.
    • Emperor Palpatine on his Death Star Throne - set includes observation tower window and throne chair, plus steps and railing and Dark Side Lightning. Palpatine is super-articulated and has softgoods allowing him to sit down or be carried by Darth Vader Emperor's wrath, who can be hit by Palpatine's lightning due to the Emperor's good wrist articulation and alternate lightning accessories, that let His Highness shoot bolts behind him - possibly, depends on figure design and features.
    • Darth Vader Funeral Pyre - Darth Vader figure has detachable right hand and lightsaber, possibly even removeable helmet or the 1998 figure's quality update, comes with large stack of logs and simulated fire like Mace Windu Unleashed's) - almost certainly not.

    • Old Rebel Fleet Trooper - probably not, but maybe.
    • Imperial Officer (officer's tunic, as the 3 figures we have wear a jumpsuit) - ditto.
    • the white platform droid with the multiple arms sticking up from it (Jawa scenes) - ditto.
    • the black rolling half dome droid (a mining droid - Jawa auction) - ditto.
    • Uncle Owen (resculpted and carded) - depends on design, maybe.
    • Luke Skywalker Tatooine in poncho - probably not, but if the design is good enough then yeah.
    • Biggs Darklighter Academy Uniform (lost scenes) - probably not, lame looking.
    • a moisture farmer (background human male with hat and typical Tatooine garb) - absolutely not.
    • CZ-9 - white protocal droid seen in the sandcrawler and wobbling around Mos Eisley - maybe, but not likely.
    • the Bantha droid - large blue rolling droid, seen while Sandtroopers knock on doors - nope.
    • Wioslea - large cloaked alien who buys Luke's landspeeder before they leave Tatooine - no way, silly looking thing.

    • the Gotal (Feltripern Trevagg) - who? probably not.
    • the Arcona (Hem Dazon) - yes, definitely.
    • the Givin (Elris Helrot) - probably not.
    • the Advoze (Bom Vimdim) - I don't think so.
    • the Abyssan (Myo) - who?
    • the Anzati vampire (Dannik Jerriko) - very unsure.
    • Brea or Senni Tonnika (this is not a 2-pack. assume you get one) do you want it?) - yes, absolutely, doubles of this.
    • Zvvvst (Brzzzt - "the Fly") - no.
    • Kitik Keed Kak (mass released so everyone can get her) - possibly.
    • the Lamproid (Dice Ebegon) - how would this work? Likely not.
    • the Saurin (Fal Chas) - nope.
    • Brainiac (who's brain you can see) - no way.

    • General Tagge - probably not.
    • Colonel Wulf Yularen - ditto.
    • Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise carded - possibly, depends on fig.
    • R3 Droid green details - not likely, depends on design.
    • Red Leader Garven Dreis (completely resculpted, removeable helmet) - ditto.
    • R2 droid green horizontal stripes - ditto.
    • R5 droid red and black stripes - ditto.
    • Rebel Flight Deck Crewman Yavin Base - yes, especially with xwing ladder.
    • Han Solo Yavin Ceremony - proably not.

    • Torynn Farr - not too likely.
    • Major Derlin - possibly.
    • Hoth Deck Officer (vintage figure re-do) - not likely.
    • General Veers (it's rumored but we haven't seen it in plastic yet) - probably.
    • Captain Lennox (commanded Star Destroyer hit by ion cannon) - no way.
    • R4 droid (white body, black head) - probably not.
    • Luke Skywalker Dagobah (tree cave - Bespin jacket hanging open over muscle shirt) - yeah, I'd buy this.
    • Captain Needa - not likely.
    • Princess Leia Recovery Room (Rebel Medical Frigate) - maybe possibly.
    • Lando Calrissian Smuggler Gear (wearing Han's clothes) - not likely at all.
    • Luke Skywalker Recovery Room with bionic hand repairs - definitely!

    • U-3PO (a silver protocal droid, they could re-card TC-14) - no.
    • black Bespin Security Guard - probably not, depends on design.
    • Utriss M'Toc alien Bespin Security Guard - possibly.
    • Wiorkettle a Snivvian - no way.
    • Treva Horme a tall Cloud City alien civilian - nope.
    • The Ice Cream Maker Guy - no.
    • new Ugnaught - not likely.
    • black Cloud Car Pilot - pointless, no way.
    • Bespin Security Guard with a mustache in case you think the Vintage isn't redone yet - ditto.
    • Darth Vader Bespin blast deflection the not-released CD ROM figure - possibly, depends on design.
    • Cloud City civilian woman Bespin Escape (seen in evacuation scenes) - nope.

    • Herme Odel - no way!!!
    • Yarna dal Gargon - probably.
    • Umpass Stay (Klatoonian Drummer) - nope.
    • Ak-Rev (Weequay Drummer) - ditto.
    • Shasha Teil Ishi Tibb - nah.
    • the bird-head droid with the needle nose - probably not.
    • Klaatu a green Nikto from Kenner's vintage collection - ditto.
    • white human guard who shoots Luke's hand has helmet with antlers - yes, I'd buy this.
    • black human courtier stands behind Jabba, goes on sailbarge - who? no.
    • Sgt Doaylln has tank on his head gets thrown against wall when Boussh enters - probably not.
    • R2D2 w. Launching lightsaber complete redo - absolutely!!!
    • Nikto alternative for those not convinced Kenner's was redone - not likely.
    • Weequay alternative version, tan padding on chest - probably not, depends on design.

    • Moff Jerjerrod Death Star Commander - not likely.
    • Slim Aloo Imperial Dignitary made as vintage figure in the 80's - ditto.
    • Dresselian Rebel PruneFace's species, but no eye-patch - ditto.
    • human B-wing pilot red uniform made as vintage figure in the 80's - probably.
    • black X-wing fighter pilot from Executor attack "She's going to blow!" - possibly, but not likely, too many x-wing pilots already.
    • Grey Leader Asian Y-wing pilot in gray uniform "I'm hit!" - yeah, I'd buy this.
    • Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Death Star II (no tunic vest) - ABSOLUTELY!
    • Darth Vader Removeable Helmet updated neutral figure - almost certainly.

    • Luke Skywalker Endor removeable helmet, removeable poncho (specify hard or soft) - yes, I'd buy this.
    • Princess Leia Endor removeable helmet, removeable poncho (hard or soft?), gun fits in removeable holster belt - yeah, I'd probably buy this.
    • Han Solo Endor Gear removeable soft goods camouflage trench coat - ditto.
    • Lando Calrissian Ewok Celebration (slightly different from General's uniform) - not at all likely.
    • Master Yoda spirit / ghost done like new Dagobah Obi-Wan - possibly.
    • Anakin Skywalker spirit ghost done like new Dagobah Obi-Wan - ditto.
    • R2-D2 shield bunker blasted open all gadgets sticking out everywhere - absolutely.
    • black Endor Rebel Soldier - maybe.
    • old bearded man Endor Soldier in stolen Bikerscout uniform - not likely, depends on design.

    • Mother Ewok with baby Wokling - possibly.
    • Chief Chirpa - ditto.
    • Paploo non-flying resculpt - not likely, might depend on design.
    • Lumat - ditto.
    • Warok - ditto.
    • Romba - ditto.
    • Keeolkeech - ditto.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Now is as good of time as any to add the lists for Episode Four: A New Hope!

    A NEW HOPE - the run-off!

    First, I'll give you the rundown on how all the voted for figures from ANH did, and then list who qualified for the elite group that makes the most priority figures we'd want - and from there we'll get the guys for the runoff.

    We start with....

    7 votes Wioslea (buys Luke's landspeeder in Mos Eisley)
    7 votes Hem Dazon, Arcona is first cantina alien you ever see
    7 votes General Tagge, Death Star conference room
    4 votes CZ-9, white Mos Eisley protocal droid, not part of the 3PO style line
    3 votes Colonel Wulf Yularan, Death Star conference room, white uniform
    3 votes dead Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru 2-pack, fried extra crispy
    3 votes R5D4 resculpted right
    3 votes Rebel flight control officer, Yavin Base
    2 votes Dannik Jerikko, Anzati vampire smoking pipe in cantina
    2 votes a Tonnika Sister, Brea or Senni, not a 2-pack as we don't make that decision
    2 votes Han Solo Yavin Ceremony scene
    2 votes Bom Vimdim, Advoze from cantina scene
    1 vote Green/white R2 droid, horizontal stripings
    1 vote Luke Stormtrooper disguise
    1 vote Myo, the Abyssin in cantina
    1 vote Han Solo Stormtrooper disguise, carded
    1 vote Red Leader, Garven Dreis resculpted and carded
    1 vote Luke Tatooine with sculpted poncho (Docking Bay 94)
    1 vote Biggs Darklighter - Academy Uniform
    1 vote Elris Helrot, Cantina Givin (scream mask)
    1 vote Feltipern Trevag, Gotal from Cantina
    1 vote Kitik Keed Kak, preying mantis from cantina, re-released
    1 vote Dice Ebegon, snakelike Lamproid from original Lak Sivrak scene in cantina

    There were 32 possibilities - the 23 figures above, all were at least the first choice desired for at least one of you, thus making them each of the them on the list above at least marginally feasible.

    Qualified for our runoff down to a 2-vote minimum, we come out with a Top 12

    Choose the figure you want most from A NEW HOPE out of:

    Wioslea (buys Luke's landspeeder in Mos Eisley)
    Hem Dazon, Arcona is first cantina alien you ever see
    General Tagge, Death Star conference room
    CZ-9, white Mos Eisley protocal droid, not part of the 3PO style line
    Colonel Wulf Yularan, Death Star conference room, white uniform
    dead Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru 2-pack, fried extra crispy
    R5D4 resculpted right
    Rebel flight control officer, Yavin Base
    Dannik Jerikko, Anzati vampire smoking pipe in cantina
    Tonnika Sister, Brea or Senni, not a 2-pack as we don't make that decision
    Han Solo Yavin Ceremony scene
    Bom Vimdim, Advoze from cantina scene

    Since we had 3 polls for ANH, and each poll's winner had the exact same number of votes, I can say that when you split the groups up scene-by-scene we were pretty good about being on target. We have some droids and good cantina aliens that might give the human heroes and Imperials a run for their money as more interesting sculpts.

    While perhaps every cantina alien on the larger list is more strongly desired by you than any human figure, the cream of the crop of the cantina was definitely decided and prioritized using this method. Hem Dazon really did kick some butt. The only surprise there was the Gotal didn't do better, as Feltipern previously came in the Top 3 out of Cantina characters when I used to do the front-page polls for SirSteves. The Arcona (Hem Dazon) won that one too, followed closely by Dannik Jerikko. So the only real surprise is Bom Vimdim's rise in popularity, though I don't know if it would hold going one-on-one against the Gotal. That's really not the point though. We don't have an Arcona, Hasbro!
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Hey JediTricks! Thanks for that awesome rundown and the effort you put into it.

    I hope you don't take offense that I used your want-lists as an example, but I counted up stuff and analyzed it. This does not take into consideration our choices for Ultra Figures.


    The Phantom Menace

    53 figures offered JT could be said to reasonably want 9 of them 2 were main characters

    Attack of the Clones

    64 figures offered JT could be said to reasonably want 14 of them 6 were main characters

    A New Hope

    32 figures offered JT could be said to reasonably want 7 of them 2 were main characters

    Empire Strikes Back

    25 figures offered JT could be said to reasonably want 7 of them 4 were main characters

    Return of the Jedi

    37 figures offererd JT could be said to reasonably want 22 of them 9 were main characters (7 of them Ewoks)

    If my math was correct, and giving my analysis the benefit of the doubt when it comes to interpretation of what JediTricks posted, JT truly wants only about 59 more figures (not including Episode 3).

    If Hasbro were to produce only JediTricks' most-wanted list, at their regular figures-per-year production level, this hobby could only hold JediTricks' interest for just over 1 more year!

    Considering that we estimated that Hasbro could produce figures reasonably demanded by the majority of us for about 4 more years (all this analysis does not include Episode 3 products), that could mean A LOT of negativity towards selections from this hobby chosen for production by Hasbro, in the opinion of JediTricks.

    Were he a completist, Hasbro would (in his judgement) severely fail.

    That being said, many people probably feel this way or are losing interest as we draw nearer the bottom of the barrel. However, even for JediTricks, there are 59 more "good figures" to look forward to. (the bright side of things)

    But furthermore, JT's list included 23 figures, not quite but within range of half of all the figures he wants, are resculpted improvements on major characters already produced (certain Padmes, a Jango, a Luke and Leia or 2 aside).

    Other collectors here live for new, original sculpts, of characters totally never made before, and want well more than 59 figures!

    The tastes of those participating in our hobby are wide and varied. Things to be negative as well as very positive about, are both very possible.

    Realize here, that not everyone will be pleased every time they see a new item for Star Wars from Hasbro.

    Not counting Episode 3, we've just seen one collector who's threshold might be limited to only one more year.

    Do you think I got that right, JediTricks?

    (others continue voting on A New Hope's Run-off please - and if you care to, count up your own "everything you'd want list," but please do the math and your threshold for me - I don't want to calculate this every minute. I just wanted to show JediTricks' with his awesome wanted-not-wanted-list as an example of how to do it. Your summaries would simplify the process a bit).
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    My AOTC top choice did not fare as well as my TPM choices, but I would still buy everything on the list, shorter run-off list, and longer list as well--except maybe the softgoods stuff.

    My top vote would have been Dormé , but since she did not make the cut I'm going with Padmé in her "refuge" (it looks like she just threw that on in a hurry as she fled from some disaster ) outfit , because I think this is the one Hasbro could pull of most succesfully.

    I was going to vote for Cliegg, but I too really think he should be part of a 3-pack with Owen and Beru.

    As for ANH, my top picks were among the top picks. Again, I'm all for everything on the list except the crispy Owen and Beru. Come on people, just twist some pipe cleaners together and throw them on the grill. Voila! crispy Owen and Beru.

    Anyway, my top pick is Wioslea with CZ-9 (CZ-3), the Tonnika Sisters and Dannik Jerriko right behind, which is actually how they appear on my own top ten want list, in the first four slots.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Episode 1 Runoff: Padme Handmaiden

    Episode 2 Runoff: Sly Moore

    Star Wars ANH Runoff: since mine didn't make the cut (elis Helrot) I'm going with CZ-9

    edit: I changed my vote from Hem dazon to CZ-9/cz-3 because I didn't see him on the list until I saw Plasticfetish's vote and I've always wanted this droid in figure form...he always stood out to me when I saw star wars as a kid.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    From the AOTC short list, I'll pick Sly Moore.

    Again, from the longer list, here's what I'd buy and how I'd like 'em...
    Cliegg Lars - (single)
    Jocasta Nu - (single)
    Sly Moore - (single)
    Count Dooku's pilot droid - (single or with a vehicle, though I doubt that would happen.)
    Uncle Owen, Beru Whitesun - (2 pack)
    Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus (softgoods) - (single)
    Senator Tonbuck Toora - (I mentioned this one as maybe being a part of a "senator" box set, I'd take it as a single also.)
    Kaminoan civilian, Clone Trooper (out of armor) - (The more I think about it, these would be best as a set with another clone kid or something. I mean, c'mon... where's our Kamino playset?)
    Anakin Skywalker, new Jedi robe, like Vader's resculpt - (single)
    Queen Jamilla - (single)
    Sora Bulq (Weequay Jedi Master) - (single)
    Bultar Swan, Jedi Knight - (single)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi robes, non-preposed - (single)
    Chancellor Palpatine in red - (single)
    Pablo Jill Jedi Knight - (single)
    Luminara Undulli from Palpatine's office resculpt - (single)

    Seems like there should be others. Hmmm. I'd still like a new C-3PO I guess. (Fat chance.) I'd also like a Kaminoan riding an Aiwha, it'd make a great tub toy.


    From the ANH list, I pick CZ-9, or rather CZ-3 (isn't that him/it?) though Hem Dazon is a close second.

    From the long list here's my choices...
    Wioslea - (single)
    General Tagge - (single)
    CZ-9 (CZ-3) - (single)
    Green/white R2 droid (R2-A5?)- (single)
    Colonel Wulf Yularan - (single, or as a set with table and seated Tarkin.)
    R5-D4 resculpted - (single)
    Rebel flight control officer, Yavin Base - (deluxe? with base parts, etc.)
    Luke Stormtrooper disguise - (single)
    Han Solo Stormtrooper disguise, carded - (single)
    Red Leader, Garven Dreis resculpted - (single)
    Hem Dazon - (single)
    Kitik Keed Kak - (single)
    Tonnika Sister, Brea or Senni - (C'mon... this must be a 2 pack.)
    Feltipern Trevag, Dannik Jerikko, Bom Vimdim - (3 pack/screen scene)
    Elris Helrot, Myo, Dice Ebegon - (3 pack/screen scene)

    Hey, let's just the all of the cantina aliens. 3 packs would seem the best way to get the rest of these, though I'd take single carded versions also. We really need a new DS gunner, I'd like to see that single carded. Also, a new "Gonk" droid would be nice -- packed in with the same droid that's coming in the Sandcrawler perhaps. There's a few other Astromechs that I'd like to see also -- R2-Q2, R2-X2, R3-T2, R4-E1, R5-X2 -- any others?

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    I'm going with R5-D4.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    My vote this round is Tagge.

    As far as the math on how many figure I want it hard to calculate. Because while there are some figures that wouldn't interest me that much I know I will buy any new sculpt that comes out. The biggest example of how I feel is the outlander club. This seemed like a lame attempt to redo the cantina scene which is one of the scenes that really impressed me as a kid. But since Coruscant is a mainly human planet or lucas was short of ideas most of these characters just look like a local Rocky Horror Picture Show troop. Now if they bother to put them out I will buy them to fill out the scene but I'm not excited about them enough to say I want them. I could easily go another 4 years. If do taper down my collection I will get rid of my on card stuff and still keep a complete loose collection.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    My vote goes to Arcona Hem Dazon.

    Tycho, my Top Ten list from A New Hope, in order, is: Arcona, Tonnikas, Dannik Jerriko, Myo, Bom Vimdim, Feltiperm Trevagg, M'iiyoom Onith - the Night Lilly, Reegesk the Ranat, Dice Ibegon, and the multiple armed droid from the droid sale. Any guess where my priorities lie in A New Hope figures?

    Frankly, I think that cantina aliens, droids from the droid sale/sandcrawler/Lars Farm, General Tagge, and Wioslea are just about all that is left for Hasbro to do from A New Hope. But I'd be content with Hasbro doing a year of nothing but figures from the cantina and Jabba's Palace.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    dead Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru 2-pack, fried extra crispy
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