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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Great answers B'Omarr and JediMarvin! This was the kind of discussion I was looking for. I get alarmed myself when Hasbro will be releasing 40 more figures this year (thereabouts) and I'm only planning to buy 5 of them. My purchasing tastes are a lot like the way B'Omarr described his. I'm not after the recardings, and I'd have to have or create a need in a diorama for me to pick up a resculpt.

    Part of the history in the hobby for me was finding my first modern POTF2 Star Wars figures at a Trek convention in September of 1995. I remember the glory I felt that day, and consequently I'm not embarassed or even remotely considering replacing my "He-Man" Luke Skywalker figure with the long saber from 1995 that I use in my rope-bridge swing, Millennium Falcon, and Mos Eisley cantina scenes. Perhaps his body doesn't look authentic to the movie, but his face sculpt and his realism as a human character still fits right in alongside Bo'Shek and DjasPuhr and other more recent figures. Cantina scene Ben Kenobi's there, too - as I don't detest that figure and in my scene his pre-pose works - and that's how I got my Dr. Evezan figure in the first place.

    So the answer is "No," I'm not looking to replace any of those figures with new and improved versions. I just hope that either there are enough new collectors or people who will still buy the recards and resculptings that the hobby will continue so I may add Hem Dazon and a Gotal to my bar scene and it's far from the last thing I do.

    Anyway, Finish Voting Best Prequel and Sequel figures:

    (JediMarvin, you too, if you care to)

    Padme Handmaiden or Cliegg Lars???

    Hem Dazon
    General Tagge
    Black Bespin Guard
    Han Solo torture chair
    General Veers
    Yarna dal Gargon

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Prequel: Cliegg Lars

    Sequel: Hem Dazon

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Prequel: Handmaiden
    Sequel: Yarna dal Gargon (I'd only like the Han Solo Bespin Torture if it were Deluxe and came with the chair)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    What you wrote makes my point very valid. The 50-or-so figures on our never-made-before lists that would satisfy you can only last 1 year in 50-figures-per-year-releases. If Hasbro makes less than 50 NEVER MADE BEFORE figures and instead uses a combo or some of those and resculpts to boot, you - and everyone else here - would have to want "one more" Han in his black vest, Luke Tatooine, Leia with the buns, Chewie (as if it could be much different) etc. - and multiples of them. Or obviously, you won't be a completist - but instead become further and further from it.
    Then you didn't explain your original point clear enough.

    When it later gets to the point where you only buy 10 or less figures out of 50 per year or so, you'll lose interest in the hobby, and eventually miss Yarna dal Gargon because you won't even know they made her, when you only check a SW website once a month or less so. (I exagerrate, but..)
    That's surmising that the line will survive that way though, my claim is that it can't survive that way when so many will have left. I guess OTC is the ultimate litmus test on that.

    Rightly so, you said the hobby has probably 3 years. Sure. Episode 3 will produce 50 figures, while the per-movie average is about 80-100, so it will take 2 years to crank out most of the Episode 3 figures....

    But assume all 211 figures never-made-before that we voted on here did get produced. That's 4 years of those, and 2 years of Episode 3 choices.

    6 years added to 2004, is 2010.

    And by 2010 everything will have been produced!
    Unfortunately, that assumption is a leap of faith, Hasbro hasn't exactly managed the line this way so far and nothing I've seen suggests they ever will. Sacrifices will happen just as they did with POTF1.

    On your "revisit" list (assuming you mean figures that would be new versions rather than just repacks), I'd disagree with:
    9) Leia Ceremony - I doubt many kids really want this.
    13) Leia Ewok Princess
    - ditto.
    17) Obi-Wan white robes
    - I think this isn't as likely, it's the same character in the same outfit, I'm not sure kids will care.
    19) C-3PO & 20) C-3PO removeable limbs
    - ah, the Hasbro moneygrab, make a 3PO without removable limbs and then do another with. I'm not disagreeing so much as pointing out the folley Hasbro would be engaging in.
    21) R2D2 & 22) R2D2 sensorscope
    - ditto, except with R2.
    30) Lando - General
    - I'm not 100% convinced there will be a future need for this.
    31) Boba Fett -ESB & 32) Boba Fett - ROTJ
    - I don't think kids are going to care which color BF's gauntlets and missile are, so I think we'll just see 1 of Fett.
    39) Tarkin
    - I doubt this one, the kiddie set don't care for old men, women, and neimoidians; Hasbro said this is what their retail partners told 'em during Ep 1 and it's continued to prove true to some degree, so Hasbro will stick with it IMO.
    41) AT-AT Driver
    - there's nothing exciting about the AT-AT driver.
    46) Mon Mothma
    - I highly doubt this one for the same reason as Tarkin.
    49) Nikto & 50) Barada & 51) Klaatu
    - I dunno, Weequay is a major player in the Skiff Set, but I'm not sure Hasbro would revisit these 3 for a third time.
    53) Tessek
    - NO WAY! Squidhead getting a new version? I can't imagine that, POTJ was likely the best we'll ever see there.
    55) 8D8
    - Not important enough.
    62) Anakin (child)
    - I get the feeling this won't happen.
    65) Padme Tatooine
    - This would be a tough sell.
    66) Queen - Hanger Battle & 67) Queen - black travel & 68) Queen - Senate
    - No way, Hangar Battle might have a slim chance but I really doubt we'll ever see the others again.
    70) JarJar
    - Hasbro hasn't put out a new Jar Jar from Ep 1 in 3 years now, do you really think they'll do a new version ever again after the beating they took with the character?
    73) Ric Olee
    - Ric Olie?!? Now I know you're off your rocker, We're never seeing this guy again EVER, Hasbro hates this guy, he was Ep 1's first true pegwarmer IIRC.
    76) Senator Palpatine
    - Another old guy, I don't think this one would happen.
    78) Nute Gunray & 79) Ruune Haako
    - Neimoidans were directly requested not to be made again, here we are with Ep 2 and who is still pegwarming? Lott Dod.
    81) Sebulba
    - Only if TPM gets another big release.
    82) Shmi Skywalker
    - Ditto, and even then maybe not.
    83) Sio Bibble
    - As much as collectors want him, I don't think Hasbro would do another.
    84) Captain Tarpals
    - Too unimportant, though they should do him with a beast pack.
    85) Mas Ameeda
    - WAY too unimportant.
    86) Bail Organa
    - Ditto.
    87) Dexter Jettster
    - Ditto.
    88) Geonosian Warrior
    - Hasbro seems reluctant to do more of these guys.
    89) Padme Wedding
    - You have GOT to be kidding me, I so highly doubt this.
    90) Elan Sleezebagano
    - Not important enough.
    93) Boba Fett
    - They should have already, I think they missed their opportunity and we won't see Baby Fett again.
    94) Wat Tambor
    - The first version will be the only version.
    95) Poggle the Lesser
    - I doubt it.
    99) Clone Pilot
    - I'd be surprised.
    100) Lama Su
    - Not unless Ep 2 gets another big release.

    That's 40 from your list of 100 that I disagree with, I think Hasbro is too timid or too weary or too shortsighted to revisit those. Do I think I'll stay with the line past 2010? No, I'm not even sure I'll stay with it past 2004 right now, I think the OTC will be the crucible that determines how long the line can survive past Ep 3 in '05.

    Quote Originally Posted by B'Omarr Monkey
    Weirder than wondering how this thing drinks is that in the EU LFL approved a story that this lamprey and Lak Sivrak hooked up at the bar and beacme a couple. I don't know what the wolfman was drinking that afternoon, but clearly Wuher should have cut hi off hours earlier.
    Yikes! Scary! Who thought that up???

    They are clearly wearing environment suits and aren't oxygen breathers. It's not like they're taking off their helmets for refreshments.
    My guess is that they locked the beverages into a system in their suits that pumps it into their mouths, like one of those water backpacks that cyclists & hikers use.

    JediTricks, here are your lamproids...
    Hmm, if that's what Hasbro does, I definitely wouldn't buy that. That's not a figure, it's a Yoda accessory. The second one doesn't even look completed, more like a Dice bust than anything else. The first looks like a tentacle, is that what you saw in your mind's eye when they showed Dice's head on screen? I guess these are examples of SOMETHING though, so you got me there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Oh, and out of the 101 likely re-releases we'd see over the next 6 years (to allow for kids and new collectors) there is NOT 1 I'd likely see myself buying no matter how they card it, what articulation is next added, and so forth.

    I have these figures in some form already. I don't want more. That's the end of it.
    Of your list, here's what I'd buy if they were all fairly good design upgrades with the following options (definitely, probably, possibly, "possibly but not likely", and "not likely at all"):
    1) Han - definitely
    2) Han Bespin - probably
    3) Han Hoth - probably
    4) Luke Tatooine - possibly, but not likely
    5) Luke Pilot - probably
    6) Luke Hoth - probably
    7) Luke Bespin - definitely
    8) Leia white - definitely
    9) Leia Ceremony - not likely at all
    10) Leia Hoth - possibly
    11) Leia Bespin Escape - possibly
    12) Leia Boussh - definitely
    13) Leia Ewok Princess - not likely at all
    14) Chewie - probably
    15) Chewie Hoth - not likely at all
    16) Chewie Chains - possibly
    17) Obi-Wan white robes - possibly
    18) Obi-Wan Death Star mission - definitely
    19) C-3PO - possibly
    20) C-3PO removeable limbs - probably
    21) R2D2 - possibly
    22) R2D2 sensorscope - possibly
    23) Vader - basic - probably
    24) stormtrooper - definitely
    25) Sandtrooper - possibly
    26) snowtrooper - possibly
    27) Bikerscout - probably
    28) Lando - Bespin - probably
    29) Lando - skiff - possibly
    30) Lando - General - possibly, but not likely
    31) Boba Fett -ESB - probably
    32) Boba Fett - ROTJ - possibly
    33) Yoda - possibly
    34) IG-88 - possibly
    35) Bossk - possibly, but not likely
    36) Dengar - possibly, but not likely
    37) 4-LOM - probably
    38) Zuckuss - definitely
    39) Tarkin - probably
    40) Imperial Officer - possibly
    41) AT-AT Driver - possibly, but not likely
    42) TIE pilot - possibly, but not likely
    43) AT-ST Driver - possibly, but not likely unless a new AT-ST was released
    41) Imperial commander - possibly
    42) Rebel Fleet Trooper - possibly
    43) Rebel Hoth - possibly
    44) Rebel Endor - possibly, but not likely
    45) Admiral Ackbar - possibly
    46) Mon Mothma - not likely at all
    47) Bib Fortuna - possibly
    48) Gamorrean - probably
    49) Nikto - not likely at all
    50) Barada
    - not likely at all
    51) Klaatu - not likely at all
    52) Ree-Yees - possibly
    53) Tessek
    - not likely at all
    54) EV-9D9 - probably
    55) 8D8 - possibly
    56) Ponda Baba - probably
    57) Dr. Evezan - probably
    58) Greedo - possibly, but not likely
    59) Momaw Nadon - definitely
    60) Tusken Raider - probably
    61) Jawa - probably
    62) Anakin (child) - possibly
    63) Obi-Wan (TPM) - probably
    64) Qui-Gon - probably
    65) Padme Tatooine - probably
    66) Queen - Hanger Battle - not likely at all
    67) Queen - black travel
    - not likely at all
    68) Queen - Senate - not likely at all
    69) Darth Maul - possibly
    70) JarJar - possibly, but not likely
    71) Battle Droid - possibly
    72) C-3PO naked - possibly, but not likely
    73) Ric Olee
    - possibly, but not likely
    74) Watto - possibly
    75) Darth Sidious - possibly
    76) Senator Palpatine - possibly, but not likely
    77) Destroyer Droid - probably
    78) Nute Gunray
    - not likely at all
    79) Ruune Haako - not likely at all
    80) Captain Panaka - probably
    81) Sebulba
    - not likely at all
    82) Shmi Skywalker - not likely at all
    83) Sio Bibble - possibly, but not likely
    84) Captain Tarpals
    - possibly, but not likely
    85) Mas Ameeda - not likely at all
    86) Bail Organa - not likely at all
    87) Dexter Jettster
    - possibly, but not likely
    88) Geonosian Warrior - possibly/probably
    89) Padme Wedding - not likely at all
    90) Elan Sleezebagano - not likely at all
    91) Zam Wessel - possibly, but not likely

    92) Jango Fett - probably
    93) Boba Fett - possibly
    94) Wat Tambor - possibly, but not likely
    95) Poggle the Lesser - not likely at all
    96) Ki Adi Mundi - not likely at all
    97) Mace Windu - possibly, but not likely
    98) Clone Trooper - possibly
    99) Clone Pilot - possibly, but not likely
    100) Lama Su - possibly, but not likely
    101) Taun We - possibly.

    Of course, that's under the unlikely assumption that Hasbro WILL create good upgrades when they redo these figures, I don't believe that's at all likely at this point but it's fun to speculate.

    BTW, on the OTC line, I've already picked out my list of "will buys" and "maybes" and "almost certainly wouldn't buy that", I keep it as a simple-to-read text file on my desktop and refer to it any time I go out (even sometimes emailing it to my cellphone). I've been doing this with Saga since Jan of '03. Heck, I'll attach a current copy of it to this post even (the ones with question marks are "maybes", the ones with dashes are "not damn likelies", and the ones with plusses are ones I now own).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    The first looks like a tentacle, is that what you saw in your mind's eye when they showed Dice's head on screen? I guess these are examples of SOMETHING though, so you got me there.
    The Cantina character I always had trouble visualizing as a whole being was Hem Dazon. The way he first appears on screen really does come across as a puppet with the puppeteer's arm coming out the neck. I'm still not sure what he's supposed to look like. Does he even have arms and legs?

    I agree about the OTC figures being crucial to the future of SW, but not necessarily in the same way that you do. I think things could go one of three ways.

    1). The OTC collection does well, and we end up with more recards interspersed with new figures. This is great on one hand, as it saves me money, since I don't buy recards. On the negative side, this only means it will take longer for us to see all of the background characters that many of us want.

    2). The OTC collection sells really poorly. This would be bad because the retailers would reduce their orders of SW toys even further. Forget exclusive vehicles, etc. We'd be lucky to get even a single row of pegs on the action figure aisle. The lack of available product would frustrate the collectors even further, most of us would abandon collecting SW, and that would be the eend of it.

    3). The OTC collection sells really poorly, and Hasbro recognizes that it really is not primarily kids buying this stuff, nor are they attracting much new traffic, so they decide that to continue making money on this expensive license, they cater entirely to the collector. We see fewer recards and resculpts, and more of the obscure characters as well as three-packs, vehicles, and playsets that they wouldn't normally consider. We also see more "Fan's Choice Polls."

    Of course, this litmus test in many ways is moot. With Episode 3 coming up, there will still be enough retail interest to fill the pegs again with Ep. 3 product next Spring, no matter how the OTC figures do. Waves that arfe released between the OTC collection and Ep. 3 will be pretty hard to find though.

    Beyond Ep. 3, we also have the deluxe SW DVD set of all six movies most likely in 2006, or 2007, which will get a big push, and most likely a similar toy tie in push. We have the live action show which will certainly have its own toy line. There will be the PT Special Editions with new scenes and new SFX, first released theatrically, then to DVD, etc.

    If Hasbro were smart, they'd also start to mix in 1-2 EU waves per year to build interest in the line as the movie characters get used up. Then as time goes on, start increasing the number of EU characters from the books, comics and video games. This in itself would probably get a lot of people charged up about collecting again. Right now, I'm pretty indifferent to the whole EU thing as action figures. Unlike the movies, I've only read the books once, so I can't remember half of the characters, even the interesting ones, by name. However, if EU toys came out and Borssk Feyla, and Jaina Solo showed up in well designed plastic, I'd start putting together a EU top ten wanted list, and start collecting those as well.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Oops, I forgot to vote in my last reply. Ok...for the Prequals, I have to go with Clieg. However I really hope both these figures are made. As for the Sequals, I'm dissapointed Luke Jedi didn't make it to the final round, but alas.... I will go with Veers since after all he is #2 on my list of most wanted.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    As we wait for LuciferSam, Droid, and El Chuxter to cast their Prequel-and-Sequel votes, and try to figure out what kind of basic Han Solo or Princess Leia with the buns JediTricks would buy beyond what should be the perfect verison in the v-OTC collection they're releasing now, I figured I did have something a bit more positive to post.

    The PRIORITIZED final list of what Hasbro should offer

    MOVIE WINNERS are in red

    These represent the Top 45 we really should have!

    I put them in order of which figures got the most votes in their intial rounds, but there are some flaws in our system we used to establish this order.

    Padme Handmaiden
    Queen Amidala Purple Return to Naboo
    Queen Amidala white Theed Celebration
    Senator Yarua - Wookiee

    Cliegg Lars
    Black Bespin Security Guard

    R2D2 Shield Bunker exploded
    Mother Ewok with baby Wokling
    Jocasta Nu

    Arcona, Hem Dazon
    General Tagge
    Yarna dal Gargon, Jabba's Fat Dancer

    Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star Commander
    Sly Moore
    Jango Fett out of armor
    Lando Calrissian Smugglers Gear

    Treva Horme, Cloud City alien
    Slim Aloo, Imperial Dignitary
    Chief Chirpa, Ewok Leader
    Gragga Chubba Vendor
    Padme from Palpatine's Office, Senator
    Sora Bulq, Weequay Jedi
    Luke Skywalker Endor Gear
    Ben Quadrinaros, Podracer
    Padme in yellow from the Waterfalls
    Dooku's Pilot Droid
    CZ-3 from Mos Eisley Spaceport
    Daultay Dofine, Niemoidian
    Ann / Tan Gella, Twi'lek girls
    ET Senator
    Padme in her Nightgown
    Padme as refugee from freighter
    Clone Trooper in red, out of armor
    Young Owen Lars
    Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus Softgoods
    Naboo Clergyman, marries Anakin and Padme
    Colonel Wulf Yularen, Imperial Conference Table
    General Veers
    Klaatu, remake of vintage figure from Jabba's
    Herme Odel
    Han Solo Bespin Torture Chair

    As you can see, our choices were pretty consistent other than Veers and Solo appearing as anomalies in amongst our movie-era finalists. Veers only had 3 votes in his round, versus Lando Smuggler, and Han Torture chair was JediTricks' write-in, as he felt this figure could be released better as a basic figure, while most of you voted him an Ultra, because Solo only had 1 vote, JT's, in his write-in candidacy as a basic figure.

    The larger flaw with the way we did this was in minimizing demand for Cantina and Jabba's Palace figures. Less so with Jabba's, but surely with the Cantina, all we learned was that Hem Dazon was wanted the most. We have no idea whether the Gotal or Advoze are demanded more or less than Yarna dal Gargon, or any other CLASSIC figure that appears on the list below the Arcona, let alone Prequel figures.

    Any suggestions as to how to further prioritize this list?

    Or do we need to?

    Here are 45 figures we all voted as most-wanted. Other than the fact that some Cantina and Jabba characters, and probably an ultimate Luke Endor might be more wanted than some prequel figures or Wioslea, this list that we all composed should be well looked forward to.

    What do you think? How well does this list represent you?
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    What do you think? How well does this list represent you?
    I think it represents me pretty well really.

    Aside from the fact that I'm not too terribly obsessed with having each and every Padme costume variation (though I'd probably buy them if the figure was nice anyway) I think it's a pretty fair representation of the range of figures that I'd be apt to buy if Hasbro made them.

    That's pretty much what I see this as anyway, a kind of master sampling of what's left to grab our attention and our wallets. I'm sure that you could fiddle with the list, but as is, it does a good job of showing how wide spread our interests are.

    Sure... tack on a note saying how just about everyone would probably buy any new cantina or Jabba's palace alien. Same goes for unproduced droids in general, and with that I think we've probably given Hasbro a nice big gift with a bow on top.

    Lucky company. Most of 'em have to pay good money for product surveys and marketing research like this.

    (Hey, BTW... what day are you going to comic-con?)

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    If only dreams came true I would buy this whole list.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.


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