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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    It might also be good to do a "second chance" run-off for characters that seem to get a lot of votes but not win their respective rounds. Otherwise we could run into some messy spots, like the Cantina, Endor forest, or Outlander Club. I mean, in the Cantina, I'd probably vote for Dannik Jerriko, but I'd much prefer a Hem Dazon or Bom Vimdin to 99% of the characters from other scenes.

    Also, any chance of doing this (though obviously without the full casts) for some of the major EU works?
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Remember when Mark from RS (formerly Hunter's Guild) teamed up with me and we did a bunch of EU polls with pictures? You were around then Chuxter. I really wanted to do that and I kept up a great list of potential characters to go into specific EU era collections, right down to Queen Amanoa's troops that fought Master Arca's Jedi.

    I think it's a topic for another thread, as we learned that while there's something like 70-80% demand for the major characters like Ulic or Tott Doneeta (out of 100-400 collectors polled), the polls were set up where they did not directly compete with each other and they certainly did not compete with movie characters.

    We used "Free Polls" software on their commercial site and set it up so you could choose multiple characters. That way we'd determine who'd buy a whole collection including Bant Erin and Xi Treemba, whether any of those were feasible, or people just wanted Xanatos (a very young Obi-Wan Kenobi actually failed to get over 60% of the votes then I think - but that was also in light of how many times he was being resculpted in Episode One versions).

    Personally, what I'd do to do an EU poll right is use at least 2 threads to set it up:

    1) Go through the chronology, starting with Golden Age of the Sith (the earliest offering) and take it category by category, asking folks to list characters. Everyone could spat out A'Sharad Hett, but I'd also ask for the Dark Woman.

    2) Next, I would question whether we should set up the polls with these characters "competing." Yinchorri warriors wouldn't stand a chance next to Darsha Assant (I might guess), and generic Yuuzhan Vong are just as important as Nom Anor, Onimi, or Supreme Lord Shimmra - let alone Nom Anor in Shamed-One disguise or Via Raapung or variations of Jaina Solo in flight suit, combat armor, Jedi robes, plain clothes.

    I think a long-running thread (which I'd participate in) would be what it'd take just to establish the list for thread #1.

    I'd also want extra folks help administer it. For example, suppose you wait until 16 people or more tell you their hopes for Golden Age through Knights of the Old Republic, and then you move on to Jedi Apprentice and Darth Maul adventures.

    Then somebody new comes in by the time you're on Rogue Squadron and they want to tell you about how you forgot somebody in the Jedi Quest days.

    I'd take volunteers to just double-check for requests for certain eras.

    I don't know where Bel-Cam Jos is, or Grand Admiral Thrawn (but they were huge Expanded Universe fans and know the characters very well).

    I'd say "Bel-Cam, - (when we get there) you are in charge of compiling a list of all (and only) New Jedi Order characters requested to be polled for."

    Chuxter, if you were doing the Heir to the Empire era, I'd expect you to count Talon Karrde requests and not worry yourself with Brakiss and Tamith Kai - let someone else do that.

    But I'd pace it, so we'd establish a wait for a certain number of responses for each era before we move on....ahhh....screw it!

    Now look what you made me do! I figured out how I'd administer it. Now I have to see if my plan would work....

    We'll start it in a new thread. This first thread will not be a poll. It will be a list to be made to gather all the characters in the chronology together for a list for a future poll.

    I'll be naming volunteers to administer it.

    Dang that'll be a long undertaking, but at least something we can come back to the forums to look forward to.

    I'll start it in Saga....

    I hope I don't get myself into any more of these....
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Well, meanwhile...

    7 Celebration Queen Amidala


    1 Pickup Droid

    Possibly one more vote could decide this, so speak up if you haven't already.

    We're almost prepared to move on to Attack of the Clones!
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before


    Tycho, I might suggest that you slow down the voting a day or so. This thrread is moving so fast and I had to go back 2 pages to get the candidates. Maybe start posting a new group every other day?
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    I'm in agreement with KH. I last posted 24 hours ago, and I'm already two groups behind in voting.

    Anyway, to catch up. I am not sure who Edcel Bargan is. Is this like Toonbuck Toora, who is not on the list?

    I like all the senators, but MOT NOT RAB gets my vote, with the 4 eyed aqualish coming in a close second.

    I'm also voting for QUEEN AMIDALA - THEED CELEBRATION only slightly over the blonde handmaiden in the battle dress, which was an excellent choice I'd never considered before. I say more Amidala's and handmaidens all around.

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    OK, we'll slow it down a bit. That's 3 requests for more time from people posting here.

    I have to adapt my personality to effectively "lead" this thread well then.

    I'm the type of person that just does stuff to get it over with and it takes a great effort to get me to slow down and enjoy the process. It's like buying a ticket to a ballgame. I just got the ticket and I already want to know who won. Or I go to a concert, and in the back of my mind I know every favorite song this band plays, and it's like I'm only there to check them off.

    I do want to have fun. But I pick an activity and then I impatiently proceed to a results report: did I have fun?

    In this thread, I eagerly await the answers:

    1) who's the most wanted figure not yet made?
    2) who's the most popular character not yet made from AOTC? How about ESB? etc. etc.
    3) what will the final prioritized list look like?
    4) (and this is pushing it) - how long will it take Hasbro to produce (what percentage) of our want-list?

    So I'm almost holding my breath for 7 more years until Hasbro's made every obscure Galactic Senate figure we could possibly think of...

    Oh, and btw: B'OMARR MONKEY - Toonbuck Toora is not the same species as Ed Cel Bargan, and I left her off the list intentionally.

    First, Toonbuck Toora is a Separatist, so it seemed she belonged with the 3 remaining unproduced Separatists we'll vote on in an Episode Two wave.

    2nd, Ed Cel Bargan is green, with huge clear eyes, almost looking like a Rodian or other reptillian (without any antennae or ears I think) while Toonbuck Toora was sort of a big, furry character, resembling something more like a giant mouse crossed with a Whipid. Anyway, we'll get to her in about our 4th group of characters from AOTC. (naturally, I made these huge lists already, since I was so curious as to who all would be offered)

    Anyway, with my impatience, as well as some logic, it was easy to keep this thread moving very rapidly.

    Here's why:

    • There's only 16 of you voting at this time, including me
    • It's easy to calculate when a majority of the votes is reached - especially when we have a clear front-runner
    • Take Ceremony Amidala right now: She has 8 votes (half of 16) and unless another character gets 8, they can't even tie
    • The pick-up droid has a vote. So does the blonde handmaiden in battle garb.
    • No other character can beat Ceremony Amidala unless new people join our thread and all vote at least 7 times for one of the other 2, or 9 times for someone else
    • The odds of that happening are slim to none. Padme is clearly the favorite here, as we all should be voting for the character we'd really, truly, in our hearts, want to see made the most amongst all those that are offered.
    • So I could wait for the 6 regulars in this thread that have not voted, or announce the outcome - because it'll be Padme (Ceremony) no matter what.

    The compromise between my impatience and others' alarm at the fast pace this thread is moving at could be this:

    I'll wait for all the 16 regular votes before moving on.

    Once we're there or we have at least 14-15 or so (we have 10 on Amidala now) I'll move the poll choices along to their next bit.

    So we're waiting for 4-6 more votes from amongst:

    Handmaiden (battledress, blonde - the most different you'd make her from Padme)
    Gungan Child
    Gungan Female
    black N-1 Pilot (Bravo 3)
    female N-1 Pilot (Bravo 2)
    black Naboo Security (we can't have armies of clones)
    white Naboo Royal Guard (again, we can't have armies of clones)
    Federation Pick-up Droid (little white E.T. droid that cleans up after battles)
    Gungan Band Member (drum and trumpet included)
    Queen Amidala Theed Celebration

    And I hope this will satisfy all who are concerned.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Handmaiden - Too obscure at this point, but it's a little surprising that we didn't get this before.
    Gungan Child or Gungan Female - This is a cool idea. I'd think that they'd only come as a set though.
    black N-1 Pilot (Bravo 3) or female N-1 Pilot (Bravo 2) - Yeah, these should have been made for sure. Maybe in some alternate universe they'll re-release the ship and include one of these.
    black Naboo Security or white Naboo Royal Guard - Again, yeah... it's really obvious just how they blew it with not doing more of these soldier/pilot type figures.
    Federation Pick-up Droid - droids are always welcome, but I can't remember what this looks like, and don't want to cue up that scene, so...
    Gungan Band Member - Mmmm, I dunno. I think we should have gotten more Gungans, but I'm not sure about this.
    Queen Amidala Theed Celebration - Yeah. This would have been nice. I can see this one happening in the future also.

    Queen Amidala Theed Celebration gets my vote as well.


    Oh, BTW... Edcel Bar Gane.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Handmaiden (battledress, blonde - the most different you'd make her from Padme) - Nahhhh, I'm not that desperate for just a head sculpt
    black N-1 Pilot (Bravo 3) - Same as above
    female N-1 Pilot (Bravo 2) - Maybe, only because her body might be a different sculpt
    white Naboo Royal Guard (again, we can't have armies of clones) - There's bigger fish to fry. There are so many other characters that need to be made besides this one!
    black Naboo Security (we can't have armies of clones) - Same as above

    Gungan Child - This would really be cool if they would make it. It's in the scenes for just a couple seconds but I would jump at getting it.
    Gungan Female - I would be just as excited about this as the Gungan Child if they ever made her. I really hope they do some day.
    Gungan Band Member (drum and trumpet included) - Another cool idea, if they sculpted the figure different from the gungan soldier I would be delighted to see it made. However if they just make a drum and trumpet, and reissue the same figure it would be a waste. This one would depend on Hasbro's care to detail.
    Federation Pick-up Droid (little white E.T. droid that cleans up after battles) - I have always wanted these guys, and I would say that they are my first choice, however Amidalla will get it. If she was not on the list I would choose these little guys.
    Queen Amidala Theed Celebration - I have to go with this figure because this outfit was really reminescint of Leia in ceremonial. This figure needs to be made, and had the best screentime of any other figure on this group.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Well, I love troops and I was very dissapointed we didn't see any more troop builder packs. I would especially enjoyed some head variations like the Imp Officers. Anyway, like others, before I can vote for any more Naboo troops, I need that Queen Amidala Celebration

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Tycho, I like the fast moving nature of this thread (though you might want to slow it down over Memorial Day Weekend, or at least not close voting on any round).

    As long as you put a list in each post you did of the rounds that voting was still open on, I see no reason not to add new rounds of voting. I find threads die if there isn't constant activity.

    Perhaps you could add one more vote today for those of us who check several times a day at work. Then you could not add anymore until next Tuesday?

    It's your thread, run it how you like. We're all enjoying it.


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