We've done threads on wave-by-wave favorites and follies for all the figures made up to now.

How about those never made before?

Since the list could get long and difficult to vote on, I'm going to approach this by offering no more than 10 figures at a time, from certain segments of each movie. Then we'll do specific movie run-offs, and that sort of thing.

Because of the current focus on Classic Star Wars, I thought it might be refreshing to start off with Prequel figures.

We'll begin with Episode One: The Phantom Menace and see what everyone wants the most from there.

This group of figures takes us from the end of the opening scroll up until the Jedi appear before the Gungan City Council.

So vote for the figure you want THE MOST out of...

1) Radiant VII female captain (Republic Officer)
2) Radiant VII male co-pilot (Republic Officer)
3) Captain Dauldry Dofine (Niemoidian / Trade Federation)
4) Commander Tey How (Niemoidian / Trade Federation)
5) Qui-Gon Jinn (molded cloak, hood up)
6) Nute Gunray Hologram
7) Senator Palpatine Hologram
8) Battle Droid (blue-stripe / pilot droid)
9) Gungan Rep Teers (Councilmember)
10) Padme Handmaiden

Grrrr. I had to make the first one hard...

The ones with the most merit to me are Dofine, Tey How, Rep Teers, and Padme.

As a diorama builder, I guess I'll start by setting my own precedent and voting for the figure I'd use the most of:

Padme Handmaiden wins for me here, because I'd use this figure to not only represent the leading lady, but all her handmaidens in the scenes they are required for. I might wind up buying as many as 20 handmaidens for different scenes. I mean only her face would be possibly distinguishing her from say any other handmaiden. All the rest of the figure's body and individuality is covered by the robes.