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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    General Tagge for me. And if you haven't noticed by my voting I'm more of an Original Trilogy guy.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    We're moving up to almost the very top in this poll, as we sort everything out.

    Queen Amidala Black Travel Gown (softgoods) is the challenger today. This resculpt of actually Sabe as a decoy, will be made with knee articulation and softgoods so that the queen may sit on her throne in the Royal Starship vehicle/playset.

    Falling off the list but elligible for write-in are:

    Jango Fett out of armor, Kamino Apartment
    Slim Aloo, Imperial Dignitary

    Choose the character you want to be kept on the figures-to-be-made list from:

    Queen Amidala (decoy) Black Travel Gown - softgoods
    4) Cliegg Lars
    5) Black Bespin Security Guard
    6) R2D2 Shield Bunker exploded, Endor
    7) Mother Ewok with baby Wokling
    8) Jocasta Nu, Jedi Librarian
    9) Wioslea, buys Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder
    10) Arcona, Hem Dazon, Mos Eisley Cantina
    11) Padme, Senator, from Palpatine's Office
    12) Queen Jamilla
    13) Rep Teers
    14) Tonbuck Toora, Separatist Leader
    15) Herme Odel, Jabba the Hutt’s Palace
    16) Han Solo screaming in Bespin Torture Chair
    17) Tonnika Sister, Mos Eisley Cantina
    18) Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Apprentice
    19) Major Bren Derlin, Hoth Echo Base
    20) Captain Daultay Dofine, Niemoidian
    21) General Tagge, Death Star Conference Table
    22) Padme in her Nightgown, Kohoun Attack
    23) Beru Whitesun, from AOTC
    24) Keeolkeech, Ewok Warrior
    25) Ben Quadrinaros, Podracer
    26) Luke Skywalker Endor Gear
    27) Treva Horme, Cloud City Alien
    28) Sgt. Doallyn, Jabba’s Palace
    29) Chief Chirpa, Ewok Leader
    30) R5D4
    31) Biggs Darklighter, Academy Uniform, ANH Lost Scenes
    32) Commander Tey How, Niemoidian with sensors in eyes and mouth
    33) Givin, Elris Helrot, Mos Eisley Cantina
    34) Lando Calrissian Smugglers Gear, end of ESB
    35) Reegesk the Ranat, Mos Eisley Cantina
    36) Rebel Flight Technician, Yavin Base
    37) CloneTrooper in red, out of armor
    38) R2-D2 Lightsaber Launcher resculpt
    39) Torryn Farr, Hoth Echo Base
    40) M'iiyoom Onith, Nightlily from Mos Eisley Cantina
    41) Klaatu, remake of vintage figure from Jabba's
    42) General Veers, Imperial Officer w. removeable Hoth Armor
    43) Colonel Wulf Yularen, Imperial Conference Table
    44) Advoze, Bom Vimdim, Mos Eisley Cantina
    45) Padme Black Leather Temptation
    46) Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star II Commander, Endor
    47) CZ-3 from Mos Eisley Spaceport
    48) Young Owen Lars
    49) Saurin, Hrcheck Kal Fas, Mos Eisley Cantina
    50) Luke Skywalker, Rebel Medical Frigate

    In comparing methods on how to come up with this list, my method's first purpose is to decide WHO WILL ACTUALLY BE ON THE LIST.

    SKEPTICS: Note that in terms of just writing in the highest vote getters of any round in descending order, we have the Mother Ewok in the No.7 spot? That's where she landed before she ever had to compete against ANY character other than another Ewok.

    Meanwhile, softgoods Black Travel Queen has NEVER competed with any of the figures you see on the list of choices above. That's why if she comes in, she comes in high and is then allowed to "sink." If she even comes on, and then falls off, she's not worthy of the list.

    Now, true she could be saved by 1 person (temporarily). Look who's at their last chance now: Jango and Slim Aloo.

    In terms of times to strategically vote to keep a character ON the list, now's especially tough. If I'm the ONLY one who wants Jango Fett and Slim Aloo, I have a difficult choice to make. Plus there's Luke Recovery Room slipping off the edge and I want to keep him too. Young Owen's also important to me to a great degree, but I figure he has more support from others here. If I really AM the only one supportive of Slim or Jango, I have to decide because I can keep only 1.

    While that 1 might come in at the No.4 position with my write-in at this poll - the save is very temporary, because I'll probably have to help Luke Recovery Room next time, and I can't keep on proping up my choice this time.

    What if he comes in so high and I'm the only one who wants him? In terms of who should be on the list period, we might have a "removal vote" to eliminate any excess of characters over 50 on our list. It will be whichever 1,2, or 3 characters have the most votes to go. That way it's fair if the last round of write-ins allowed unrealistically keep someone on the list. But the system should still weed them out.

    After that, a locked-list round of voting should rank the characters appropriately, but once the list can't have ANY fall-offs, our job is really done - we have discovered the 50 most-wanted.

    I'll be writing in Jango Fett, out of armor, Kamino apartment.

    Vote now.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Herme Odel, Jabba the Hutt’s Palace
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Padme Black Leather Temptation is lowest on this list of the ones I want, so she gets the vote.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Commander Tey How

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    I'll vote to push 48) Young Owen Lars up the list. You were right, Tycho, he does have support.

    Hope the Saurin and Bom Vimdim get bumped up the list!

    Tycho, if we end up with 51 on the list, rather than forcing someone off, why don't you just put the handmaiden as an unranked competitor with an asterisk. We pretty much now we're going to get her, we just have to see it in plastic to make sure it is the generic orange handmaiden we all have in mind.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    I'd kind of like a softgoods Travel Gown Amidala -- be nice to go with that starship that I hope I'll have room to display some day. But...

    I do have room to display Saurin, Hrcheck Kal Fas right now though. (And I really hope CZ-3 gets a vote, 'cause it's all about Mos Eisley right now.)

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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    You're right plasticfetish, for me, it is also all about Mos Eisley. 12 of my personal Top 50 list are from Mos Eisley. Including Jabba's Palace and a few prequel characters 33 of my Top 50 characters are from the planet Tatooine. I hope CZ-3 makes the cut too, but I have other folks to protect so I likely won't ever get to vote for him. Another reason I hope CZ makes the cut is because CZ was the figure B'Omarr Monkey said he wanted most before he left the thread.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Moff Jerrjerod. You could give him a dying by Royal Guard force pike action feature.
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    Re: Scene By Scene: Favorite Figures Never Made Before

    Worry not fellas, if I have anything to say about it CZ-3 will make the final cut. It and R5-D4 are the droids I've been looking for.
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