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    I was watching this the other night, though I didn't get to finish it, and something got me to wondering: what exactly was the point of B.Lo reverse engineering a 3D computer monitor when we actually see him already using a device that does the exact same thing during his reverse engineering? Am I mistaken or doesn't he use a computer with a 3D holographic display while he's trying to figure out how to make one? Why would he even bother buying one from his client's sompetition if he's already got one which, like his "improved" finished product "doesn't need a screen, back at the shop?
    Also, what exactly is the point of erasing his memory of his having reverse engineered the competitors' products anyway? If he did it the first time what's to stop him from doing it again for someone else, thus negating the usefulness of having erased his memory in the first place?!!
    Is this something that's seen in the original story as written by Philip K. [uhh...Member]? Or was this something the filmmakers screwed up?

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    I take it no one's seen it?

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    I saw it, but I don't really remember the details.
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    Yeah, what Rocketboy said.

    I saw this movie for free, we went to the theater last year and bought tix for a movie I can't recall, well we wanted the 7pm showing and unbeknownst to us they sold us 9pm tix because there WAS NO 7pm, but rather a sneak peek at "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"

    Well we surely weren't going to watch THAT movie so after complaining to the theater worker (after we sat in the Tad theater for a good 15 minutes) it turned out the only movie playing at that exact time was Paycheck so we saw that one.

    And then later we used our genuine 9pm tickets on the planned movie. I wish I could remember what it was !

    Anyway, yeah, Paycheck was enjoyable for me as a mindless sci-fi popcorn deal but whatever you said up there Roojay, I got nothin'
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    Watched this film on DVD a few months back and thought it was absolutely terrible. It sure would be nice if Jon Woo could get back to making movies of the same caliber as his earlier work. Maybe his next film Spy Hunter (based on the popular video game and starring The Rock) will be better but I'm starting to loose faith in his ability to direct a good action picture.
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