After starting my last thread about having finished (maybe) my vintage collection, I started wondering if any of you guys collected foreign SW toys (to your location)? Loose or packaged toys?

At this point in time I personal don't collect foreign stuff. Now I do own a Yak Face which is technically a foreign figure, but that's it for me. Being loose collector foreign packaging holds little to no appeal for me. Other wise most of the stuff is the same once its out of the box or off the card.

With that said there are a few items like the Palitoy playsets and some Takrara items which different from their US counterparts. But I'm also not a variation collector and most of these I see as variations. The only item I might get is the Palitoy Death Star because its more than a little different from the Kenner Death Star. But the cost of one of these babies is high and I droped a big wad of cash in the last couple of months getting the last couple of pieces, so I don't really want to shelling out the $300 plus it would take to buy one.