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    Justice League 10" Wonder Woman?

    Hey, Im having trouble finding the 10" Wonder Woman. (Yeah yeah, I know it is because she is rare.) What Im looking for is solid info on the 10" case assortments. If you found WW, who else was in the case? Is she shipping in every case, or do the cases still rotate her with aquaman or MM?


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    Re: Justice League 10" Wonder Woman?

    Thats a good question and honestly I can't remember for sure because I found mine a long time ago. But I think you're correct about her rotating with Aquaman and MM. I seriously doubt she's shipping in every case because I haven't seen her for months and I frequent quite a few stores on a weekly basis and I'm usually the first person in the toy isles. Best of luck to ya.
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    Re: Justice League 10" Wonder Woman?

    I found one last night, she's really not that -great- of a figure to cause all this ruckus. Then again I don't collect the 10" and only grabbed it for a friend. The other figures that were there was Batman, GL and I think Superman. But it didn't appear to be a solid case packing, so it was probably either a return, layaway cancelation, or found old stock. Just keep your eyes peeled and you can usually find it.
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