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    Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Hi all!

    I just wanted to add a pic of my pilots from Red & Gold groups. There are some simple modifications here and I hope to have all the members soon.

    Red Group:

    Garven Dreis - Red Leader
    Luke Skywalker - Red 5
    Biggs Darklighter - Red 3
    Wedge Antilles - Red 2
    Jek Porkins - Red 6

    Gold Group:

    Tiree - Gold 2
    Jon "Dutch" Vander - Gold Leader
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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Tiree is a custom job, is he not?

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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Quote Originally Posted by wedge1968
    Tiree is a custom job, is he not?

    Actually, Tiree is the figure that came with the POTF2 Y-Wing. The actual customs so far include Red Leader & Luke. The POTJ Luke X-wing was just too small in my opinion. I also swapped out Red Leader's body b/c of the same reason.

    I will be tweaking most of these figures and adding to the groups in the future.
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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Nice job, SD. I want to make a few more Rebel pilots but haven't gotten around to it.

    I've done something similar with the existing figs, calling them the Heroes of Yavin. I included Dodonna, too.

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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Looks purty. Good job. to you on the custom tip.
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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    looks great, very well done. I always wanted to make more rebel pilots, yours are just how I woulda made 'em.

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    Re: Red & Gold Groups... so far

    Did you boil and pop em...cause Ozzel's body needs a new head...(from your favorite Imp Officer)
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