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    Originally posted by stillakid
    I fondly recall the days when one could visit the local five and dime and pick up a 3-pack of ESB cards for a buck.
    Man, I got them even cheaper than that...around 50 - 65 cents per pack and there were about 15 cards in each pack PLUS bubble gum. I think I'm with BCJ and JT - I don't collect anymore because it's too expensive and there's like FIVE cards in a pack that costs 3.50....NO WAY...that's FIGURE money!!! And they're all GLITZY now... it's like a drag show.... to see what card can out-do the others???!!!! SHEESH! Whatever happened to the cheapy-smell-good flimsyplast cardboard! Ahhhh!...the good ol' days!

    Does ANYONE in these forums have the old 1994 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards Millennium Falcon Factory Set? I sure would like to know what YOU think about it please! Thanks
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    Hi there
    I just wait until they hit the bargin bin, 50p a packet.
    Then just a few card to pick up and complete the set.
    If lucky I could get over half of the chase cards as well.
    Regards Wuher

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    I use to collect cards just for the sake of collecting, but it just got expensive. Then I started again with the CCG in college because practically everyone I knew there played, but after college there was just no one to play cards with so I stopped all together.

    This feels really funny in this section.

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    What feels really funny in this section?

    Actually TALKING about cards?
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    Red face

    Kids today just don't understand, EP. Back in our day...

    Trails off in despair...
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Ah yes, the gum, the sticker, the cards. For what, 30 cents? Much simpler time.

    I picked up a few packs of the Chrome Archives and the Galaxy cards. They were kinda pricey and somewhat hard to find(I only found them at a comic book store). Looking back, I wish I picked up some more. I'm considering buying some off of EBay.
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    I use to buy entire boxes of Magic The Gathering. For like $80 a pop. Or try buying 10 cards for $120. The original dual lands.
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    Now I just download entire series onto my computer for the Magic Encyclopedia.
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    Originally posted by scruffziller
    I use to buy entire boxes of Magic The Gathering. For like $80 a pop. Or try buying 10 cards for $120. The original dual lands.
    I think buying a whole box is way cheaper and more fun than buying them in individual boosters or getting the cards by themselves. Did you find that to be the case SZ?
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    Like Taichi and Stillakid, I remember going to the corner grocery store, five-and-dime and drug store and spending my hard-earned money on packs of SW trading cards. I remember buying more packs of ANH cards than ESB; I never bought any ROJ cards.

    With my luck, I ended up getting at least one or two cards in the pack I'd just traded for that day on the playground at lunch!

    Yeah, the gum was tasteless.

    I don't know about other areas, but there is no market for trading cards in my area. They are readily available at retail and comic shops but forget about trying to buy loose or sell back cards. There is only one comic shop in my area that sells loose cards.

    I still enjoy the cards.

    Since we're on the subject, does anyone remember the set of 20 - 50 cards that came in the long clear packs? I think some place like Kmart and Target (Airway in my area in the late 1970s and early 1980s) sold them.


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