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    Most Annoying SW character?

    So who do you think is the most annoying Star Wars character? Overall, through all the movies. My vote definitely goes to Jar Jar Binks. Oh man...
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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Jar jar alone ruined episode 1.

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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    I like Jar Jar.

    I do.

    Anakin (in TPM) was horrible.
    So was Luke.
    And the Ewoks.
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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Anakin in TPM....Jake Llyod was horrible, Jar Jar gets the # 2 vote

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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Jar Jar, then prequel-era Anakin(s), then the stupid Greg Proops's podracer announcer (I don't know or care which one is Fode and which one is Beed ).
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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Jar Jar and Jake Lloyd were both really annoying. Cindel of the Ewok movies ranks really highly. Speaking of ewoks, the one that R2 shocks in the behind in ROTJ always bugged me because of his "comical" toe touching jumps in the air as if he were performing in some children's play.

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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    1) C-3PO in all 5 movies

    2) Luke in ANH

    3) Jar Jar during the Naboo Battle

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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Jar Jar Binks.
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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Luke in ANH and Aninkin in TPM.
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    Re: Most Annoying SW character?

    Wat Tambor

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