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    Justice League 10" question

    I was thinking about getting some of the 10" Justice League figures for my 3 1/2 year old son. He's in a bit of a super hero phase right now and just inherited all of my Toy Biz Marvel action figures and the few 10" Marvel figures that you used to see in KB Toys all the time.

    Anyway, my question is, do these things have much articulation? It doesn't look like they do, so I don't know what the play value will be. The other thing is they look pretty top heavy, so how good are they at standing on their own?

    Some articulation would be good. Too much articulation seems to frustrate my son as his 12" Hulk always end up with his limbs going all over the place, and Spider-man he has a hard time configuring into various poses.

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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    Aren't these the ones with standard shoulders and useless rotational thighs, making them basically statues? I know what you mean about too much articulation, it can be frustrating at times, but Mattel refuses to have that problem by giving their JL figs as little articulation as possible. Toy Biz, on the other hand, usually makes super-articulated and not-so-articulated versions of their main characters.
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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    Thigh articulation is more than is apparent looking through the window of the box. I'm not sure why they have it though if the knees don't bend. Not too many posing choices. No elbows? The shoulders rotate to make the arms swing up and down? I guess I could hang Superman and Green Lantern from the ceiling so they look like they are flying.

    On the other hand I can save the $10 bucks and buy him some other toys that he can actually play with.

    Thanks for the info, JT.

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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    Sure thing. I looked at these close-up yesterday at Kmart, they have neck articulation too, but in all honesty I think they're just not cool items. BTW, as a kid, it always bothered me that Superman figs could put their arms above their heads but couldn't look in that direction and couldn't point their feet down.
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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    Same here. He always had to scan the ground below. He's lucky he never collided with a duck or anything.

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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    I'll chime in real quickly...

    I've only bought one of these 12" figures (the Manhunter) but for what it is and the price I think it's pretty decent. As for play value, I'd say it depends what he's used to. They're really just big versions of the 4" figures, which I like also and which I think are nice sturdy toys for a kid. It may simply be pointless to have the big ones though if he's got the little ones. (That's pretty much the case with us.)

    The "standing" thing is an issue with these. They've got those narrow little legs and they're sort of top heavy. If they're apt to spend most of their time being thrown around the yard, in the tub or buried in sand, then I'd say they're fine.

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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    The 4"ers are overpriced, but they at least have REAL leg articulation where these do not. Also, some later incarnations of the 4"ers have elbow and/or knee articulation. As a kid, I could see being into the Batman or Superman figure because of who they are, but that is it.
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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Thumbs up Re: Justice League 10" question

    My girlfriend just finished up the rest of my Justice League 10 inch collecton for my birthday today! I have to say that I think they're great! They may be a bit lacking in the articulation area, but I prefer them as display pieces - they look pretty similar to the much higher priced maquettes. Even though I always preferred figures with much more articulation as a kid, I still think that any kid who's a fan of the show and it's characters would find them perfectly acceptable as playthings. I'm honestly hoping they continue the line (they're a much better value than the smaller line) with more offerings from the first show and all the new characters from the upcoming Justice League Unlimited. I'm just dying to get my hands on a 10 inch animated Green Arrow, Lex luthor, and the Shade among others.

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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    I have a complete set of the 10 inch line and I love them. I agree with the points already made about them being pretty much statues but thats fine by me because I like them as display pieces too. Articulation isn't their strong point but for me they're well worth the $10.

    As far as playability goes I know as a kid I always preferred the smaller action figures because the larger stuff felt like dolls. However the 4 inch JL line is pretty hit and miss as far as quality goes, more miss than hit IMO. The articulation isn't great and the line consists of mostly the main characters with useless armor and stupid gimmicks like the "Mission Vision" junk.
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    Re: Justice League 10" question

    Yeah, the 4" articulated figures are pretty crappy. Darkseid's not too bad since he's new and fairly large, but the joints on the JL team figures are really sad. All they did was they took the sculpts they were already rereleasing and then put joints in the knees and elbows. But since they don't have articulated feet the knee joints are pretty useless without stands.

    Back to Darkseid though..they really crapped out on him. He could have at least had articulated wrists as his are thicker than the 6" Batman wrists. Same with shoulder articulation, he has some huge melons for shoulders but they just made them one-jointed.
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