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    Trouble for Master Replicas?

    From a post over at Lord of the Rings This is from a newsletter sent to MR's Authorized Retailers and Distributor Partner:

    Dear Authorized Retailers & Distributor Partners,

    We are disappointed to announce that we will not be able to fulfill orders on the following products because they are not scheduled for production:

    LOTR Gandalf the White Staff (LR-102)
    LOTR Light of Earendil (LR-101)
    Star Wars FX Jacket (SW-400 series)

    We apologize for the change in the 2004 production schedule.

    Many collectors are now wondering if MR will face the same fate as ICONS, and that it could possibly mean the beggining of the end for MR. Personally I think it is a smart move for MR to not produce these now considering how poorly they have presold. This way there is still hope these may happen sometime in the future. Well, except for the FX Jacket.
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