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    Trouble for Master Replicas?

    From a post over at Lord of the Rings This is from a newsletter sent to MR's Authorized Retailers and Distributor Partner:

    Dear Authorized Retailers & Distributor Partners,

    We are disappointed to announce that we will not be able to fulfill orders on the following products because they are not scheduled for production:

    LOTR Gandalf the White Staff (LR-102)
    LOTR Light of Earendil (LR-101)
    Star Wars FX Jacket (SW-400 series)

    We apologize for the change in the 2004 production schedule.

    Many collectors are now wondering if MR will face the same fate as ICONS, and that it could possibly mean the beggining of the end for MR. Personally I think it is a smart move for MR to not produce these now considering how poorly they have presold. This way there is still hope these may happen sometime in the future. Well, except for the FX Jacket.
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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    Atleast the ONE RING is still scheduled.

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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    MAkes you wonder how something like that jacket made it to the point where they would even consider producing it. Having worked in the retail fashion world before, there have been many things that would come along and you'd step back and wonder how much someone was paid to design it.
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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    Maybe its because of the price points? Stuff is too high for what they are making.
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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    I will ask about this... personally I think it is simply not enough orders on these items.
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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSteve
    I will ask about this... personally I think it is simply not enough orders on these items.

    Exactly what I was thinking, and thanks for looking into that Steve.

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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    Reported on the front page:

    FX Jacket Canceled for 2004

    "The FX Jacket has been removed from the 2004 production schedule."
    Master Replicas has stated this was done in order to take advantage of other opportunities. Will it ever return for production? Only time will tell...

    I'm very curious to know what that would be. Could it possibly be the Qui-Gon Jinn Lightsaber we have all been waiting for?

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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    A lot of companies cancel 'tentatively' scheduled products for lack of interest. I believe this isnt a sign of any trouble for MR. Atleast they arent going to produce and push 'crap' that no one wants.

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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    I agree Pedro. I just hope MR listens to what CSM's, collectors, and fans of these products really want this time. NO MORE FX JACKETS!!, and more high-end, high-quality prop replicas and collectibles.

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    Re: Trouble for Master Replicas?

    I didnt see why Master Replicas would already make LOTR Replicas that have JUST been made. I can get a Gandalf the White Staff with out any gimicks for $150 shipped. I dont need to pay any more for Master Replicas version. Hopefully they'll get right to the Qui-Gon Saber.
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