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    Question Death Star Conference Room

    Last night I was looking at the Geonisan War Room as well as the first two parts of the expanding Jedi Council scene and thought that the Death Star Conference Room would be an incredible addition to the OTC line. One or two figs with a piece of the table and their chairs (especially Tarkin) would make for two to four really nice sets. They could do a Darth Vader single pack much like the Wat Tambor from the Geonisan scene.

    Wondering if anyone else would be interested in a set like this?

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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    This is definately something I want to see. It should include Tagge, Wulf, and Tarkin. Then you could add vader, motti and whoever esle to flush it out.
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    I would be interested in this piece as well.
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    Oh yeah...count me in. I would love to see this
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    thats a great idea. that would be one of the coolest sets there has been. I would buy it without question. count me in too
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    I'm all for it as well. It should be three figures to a set. Seeing Tarkin, or Motti again would be acceptable, but please, not Darth Vader. I'd much rather get four figures we haven't seen yet, such as Tagge, Wulf and other Imperial officers, even if they aren't the ones specifically from this scene. Throw in a plate of fingerfood for the officers and you're all set.

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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    That's one of the best ideas I've read in a while. I'd buy it in a second.

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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    This would rock! A more neutral Motti would be a nice addition if it's another two-piece.
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    Excellent's been on my list forever. If Re-Hashbro decides to do it, I hope that we get a new sculpt Tarkin. Motti could be the POTF2 one with articulated knees.
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    Re: Death Star Conference Room

    This is a set long over due. It's a shame that Hasbro doesn't employee people with the insight and outward thinking of actual collectors & fans.
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