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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    Thanks Chux, didnt know if it was finished or not.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    RIP Ray. I remember him most for his soft drink commercials as opposed to his music. Its crazy to think how well he could work a piano without the benefit of sight. With both working eyes i couldnt play anything so i respected him immensly for his success despite his handicap.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    The first thing that crossed my mind was Ray singing as "G Clef" on my daughter's Blues Clues video. Both my kids just love that song and dance and laugh like crazy when they hear it - it's a great song. I think Ray must be very satisfied with what he accomplished; his unique voice and brilliant smile will be remembered forever. Thanks, Ray.

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    not only was Ray to have the new album of duets out this year. but this fall the movie of his life was to be released starring Jamie Foxx.

    Ray overcame so much in his life to delight millions of peoples with his music. in my opinion the best song he sang wasn't even his own, "America the Beautiful"


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