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    Ray Charles has passed away,2933,122380,00.html

    Most of my Ray Charles memories come from his appearances on Sesame Street which instilled the belief in me as a child that blind people are normal. I don't know why that is my memory of Ray Charles....

    Anyway, given his situation this man did a lot..... a lot more than I'll do with sight, that's for sure.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    Ah, man this totally sucks. I've always loved Ray Charles. May he RIP.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    Rest in peace, Genius. On the short list of the greatest musicians of all time, there's no question you're near the top.

    Brother Ray's music will live forever. There has never been anyone like him, and there never will be again. The world is an emptier place as of today.

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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    This one totally caught me by surprise, he seemed SO full of life and vibrant even at his advanced age. I dunno how long I expected him to go on, but it sure wasn't this soon. His incredible talent will be sorely missed, but at least he left us with a big library to enjoy.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    i don't really know ray charles' music but i always find it sad when talented musicians of any musical genre pass away - whatever music they made it brought pleasure to many, many people which is a real gift. i hope ray rests in peace.

    and one thing is for sure - heaven has one hell of a house band!
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    It's very sad and I respectfully offer my wish that Ray Charles is now experiencing the fullness of sight.

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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    Wow. I've been basically hiding from the TV and the news for the past few days... I didn't hear this 'til now. Really a huge loss. Two of my favorite musicians gone in one year, first Johnny Cash and now Ray Charles. This is the kind of thing that makes you feel old, having the people you consider to be great become strictly a part of the past.

    Ray Charles was an artist and a person that made you happy when he smiled, but he made you feel awe when he sang and played piano. Few people truly deserve to be called "genius" and he was one of them.

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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    A great man, who overcame his handicap and inspired so many people. A truly sad day in the music field. RIP Ray. Thanks for the wonderful tunes through out the years.

    On a side note, he was working on an album that was supposed to be released this summer with other musicians. I hope this one comes out.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    RIP Soul Man.
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    Re: Ray Charles has passed away

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    On a side note, he was working on an album that was supposed to be released this summer with other musicians. I hope this one comes out.
    It's scheduled for an August 31 release and will be entitled "Genius Loves Company."
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