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    Smile Basement Display

    Hi everyone and thanks for taking my E:Mail. I am new to collecting Star Wars figures and vehicles (about 20 figures and 5 vehicles). I would like to start a display in my basement similar to what model train collectors have. I would like it on a flat surface with scenery and air vehicles suspended. Can you point me in the right direction for photo ideas or books/magazines on this subject?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.

    Vince Bullock
    new collector...

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    Re: Basement Display

    My basement used to be a great display area. Over the years it has turned into more of a storage facility due to the high volume of collecting I've done. BUT... in my room I have several Star Wars ships suspended from the ceiling -loooks awesome!!!

    Here's the trick. Its better to hang models rather than Hasbro or toy ships. They're heavy and will fall. Models are light weight and will hang with ease and can be positiond easier. I use a bracket or big staple ] (I dont know what they are technically are called) Just hammer it into your ceiling teeth up but leave a space so you can thread your ship up. TO do that I used simple dental floss -its thin, strong and isnt noticable when you're ship is hanging. Dont use the pink, blue or green kind. Use white or clear is better.

    In my room a have an X-Wing, Tie Fighters, Slave 1 and a Star Destroyer as well as the Enterprise A (it was big and heavy took me forever to hang it) and the Enterprise B.

    Toy or Hasbro/Kenner ships are better for display on shelves -they look better that way anyways. Hanging models is an excellent way to sup-up a display area. You can get them at any Hobby or model shop as well as Ebay for some reasonable prices. I used the movies as refrences to paint and detail them -the directions are good but are sometimes inacurate. Use your eyes and see it for yourself. Of course you have to work to build the models yourself.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    Re: Basement Display

    Thanks for the great assist Jayspawn. Really appreciate the help and ideas.

    Can anyone tell me how to track Star Wars Conventions? I live in Philadelphia, Pa.

    thanks again to all

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    Re: Basement Display

    You're welcome. Call or visit a local comic book shop -they should be able to tell you about upcoming conventions. They usually go. I think Wizard World comes through PA (not positive though).
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett


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