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    Very pleased with Lego customer service

    I was reorganizing some stuff awhile back and I was disgusted with myself that I couldn't find 3 instruction books. It bothered me to not have them so I finally went to the Lego website and submitted separate requests for Vader vs. Y-Wing, Imp Shuttle, and Jedi Starfighter.

    In what seemed like no time at all, less than 2 weeks methinks, I got a big padded envelope from Lego with all 3 of my requests inside. They sent Vader/Y-Wing and Jedi Starfighter but they must be out of Shuttle books because that one is on a CD-Rom. Works for me.

    Thanks Lego !

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    Re: Very pleased with Lego customer service

    I'd love it if Lego had an archive on line of the instruction booklets for all their models. Maybe scan every one in pdf format. Sure would make it handy when I need to rebuild something (the head of my AT-AT keeps falling off and I have to rebuild it frequently).
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    Re: Very pleased with Lego customer service

    I do believe yoiu can get the instructions on their website somehow. I know when my AT-TE was missing pieces I got them pretty quick(about two weeks) and while looking for the order form for the pieces, I think there was a link to DL the books or open a page on line for them.
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    Re: Very pleased with Lego customer service

    Lego's customer service rocks. Its one of the best out there.
    As for instructions the brickshelf library has most of them. But there's like a 3 to 4 year moratorium on instructions, so they only have up to the 2000 sets. I'm not aware if Lego has the newer instructions on their web page or not. Not having the newest instructions has never been an issue for me.
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    Re: Very pleased with Lego customer service

    LEGO has come through for me on a couple of occasions with missing brinks. Short turnaround and a nice note to boot.

    Makes you wonder about Hasbro (aka the Dark Side)...

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    Re: Very pleased with Lego customer service

    If other "retailers" had CS like Lego it would blow my mind. They are the best people to deal with. My son and I decided to put back together all of his SW sets to find that some pieces were missing here and there. We did the website request and got all the missing pieces, except for one goofup, including the A-Wing pilot minifig that he lost down one of our vents.

    I know they have a limit on what they'll replace for free, but I've heard what they ask for in $ above that isn't unreasonable.
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