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    Chronicles of Riddick

    Has anyone found or seen these figures...they should be hitting soon. I know Suncoast Motion Pix. Co. is carrying them?
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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    They're the ones from SOTA right? The guy from SOTA posts over on's forums, I think there's discussion about them there. That's all I know though.
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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    Also a nice small discussion thread here about them:

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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    I still have not found these- has anyone else. The movie is pretty much gone from it's first run, so the figures should have been released by now. Come to think of it- I don't think I've even seen any pics of them. I wonder if they ever made it to production?

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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    I saw these at Suncoast Wednesday, 12.99 each. Only one I didn't see was Kyra, who is short-packed. I've heard rumors that the figures have a low production run with stores just getting one case.

    TRU/ has the figures up for pre-order. You can check out pics of them there:

    Kyra - Chronicles of Riddick Figure
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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    I spotted a few of these (no Riddick figure) at my local comic shop. I wasn't wildly impressed with them, but I honestly didn't get that great a look.

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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    I made a special trip to Suncoast- and they had just got in the figures! Sam Goody also had them, and at both places I found Kyra, but she is the worst of the lot. I wasn't too impressed with Riddick at the store, but the others all looked great. Once I got my Riddick home and opened him up, he turned out to be a much better figure- actually a pretty great one. Looks good on my "movie figure" shelf. Now I just need my 2nd series Kill Bill to come out

    Here's a better look from plus Riddicks goggles come off to show his "silver" eyes.

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    Re: Chronicles of Riddick

    Wow...these look pretty cool.


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