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Thread: 500th Figure

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    500th Figure

    Okay, I havent seen any threads for this so let this be the official thread *Lightning comes out of Fingers and Makes the word 'Official' in a stone*


    Luke Skywalker was the First Figure.
    Han in Carbonite was the 100th.
    Mara Jade was 200th.
    Boba was 300th.
    Coleman Trebor was 400th.

    Who will be 500th? Counting (Without HOF or VOTC Line), there are 486 Figures. Rumor is Vader will be 500th. Whaddaya think? I think we need to get Swami on this one. My guess is it will be in OTC though.


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    Re: 500th Figure

    I hope its the most accurate vader that we have been hearing about. We do have lots of vaders however. If its not the most perfect vader ever sculpted, then how about a really cool Obi Wan from the death star duel or something? super articulate him and make him super accurate. those are my two picks. and as for what line it will be in, OTC for sure.

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    Re: 500th Figure

    Would that just be a lightsaber hilt and a cut up robe?
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    Re: 500th Figure

    I hope it is this "Ultimate Vader" figure. SUpposedly surpassing 300th Fett in every aspect.
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    Re: 500th Figure

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    I hope it is this "Ultimate Vader" figure. SUpposedly surpassing 300th Fett in every aspect.
    A neutral SA Vader. Sweet.

    Yep, I think I'll buy it, if it has Super Articulation. Let us now listen so the Swami can speak.

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    Re: 500th Figure

    If, for some reason it turns out not to be Darth Vader, which I doubt as his arrival will coincide pretty closely with the OTC DVD release, then I hope its a previously unmade Cantina Patron.

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    Re: 500th Figure

    I too hope that it is a SA Darth Vader. I also hope he has a removable helmet and comes with the meditation chamber. It would go with the supposed Holographic Emperor from the Fanclub. This would seem like the most logical course for them to take to me anyway. Which probably means they wont do it knowing Hasbro's track record.

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    Re: 500th Figure

    Would you guys prefer a cloth cape or a molded plastic one on Vader 500? I actually prefer plastic. Cloth just never really lays down properly. I am sure cloth has its fans too, however.
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    Re: 500th Figure

    Does the total of 486 figures include on the basic carded figures? What about the Silver Special Edition Jobbies, or the deluxes? Cinema Scenes? Just curious, because I think I've got at least twice that number of figures, not including the army builders. There are 26 OTC figures cued up already, so would number 14 not be the 500th figure by this count? Or are they already included in the 486?

    Regardless, a nice Vader in a special commemorative pkg a la 300th Fett would be nice. I would make this figure seated on a chair, with the dome of the helmet held up by the chamber arms, and have the whole base on a rotating pkg floor like those larger scale figures we got at the end of POTF2. That way you could spin it to see Ani's face or the back of the head like the movie. Cloth cape (of course), solid 1pc lightsaber included, as well as an extra hilt that would attach to the belt. Articulated arms like the Commtech version so he can stand with hands on hips like that marvelous figure, and grasp his saber with 2 hands for duelling. That would about do it for me.

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    Re: 500th Figure

    how do i have over 1000 figs?

    Granted I have a lot of storm troopers fine, but no 500...does anyone have the list of the figures they are counting in 500...


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