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    Lightbulb will sebulba make an apprence in ep2.

    sebulba had a relevivly big part in ep 1 but ive heared no news regurding his ep2 appernce.
    does anyone know anything about this????
    if so post it right here!!!!!!!!

    thank you and please support my threads

    the kit

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    I haven't heard anything about him in episode 2. If and when I do I'll let you know.

    Just curious but in your signature it says to e-mail you about episode 2 if you have any. Your sig makes it sound like you know a lot about episode 2 but I see that your asking a lot of questions about ep.2.

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    listen thank you for reading my posts.
    i know alot about ep2 but i dont know everything.
    nor do u.

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    Kit i was wondering that to why would GL make a mean bad guy like sublba live,theres only one anwser to that he will reuturn.maby when anakin goes back to tatooin,
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    I have heard that Selbulba will not make an appearance in Ep2, since there really isn't time in the movie to follow up on every character from Ep1, what with a story to tell and all. We might see him in Ep3 but I doubt it.

    Remember, we never had a follow up on Ponda Baba or Garindan from Ep4. So I wouldn't be surprised if Sebulba's post-Ep1 future is left exclusively to EU writers.
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    Man, do I get a headache trying to decipher his posts. PROOFREAD!!

    Sebulba won't be in EP II unless he's slumming around Watto's place for some unfathomable reason...

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    There's a rumour that a Dug (that's Sebulba's species) will be in the nightclub scene somewhere as a background character. The name I've seen for him is Seboca. But I saw that at a long time ago so I wouldn't put any hope on it being true.

    The names from the script will probably change anyway. All the pod racers in episode one were given names during production which changed when the film came out and the books followed shortly after. Anyone remember hearing about a pod pilot named Xelbree? he was in the script for TPM but where is he now? Similarly a lot of these rumours have names of characters who will become other characters or get dropped from the final version of the movie. I haven't heard about Uv Gizen the aide to Chancellor Palpatine in a long long time. Rumour rumour rumour. Or is it.....................?

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    I doubt we will ever hear from Sebulba again. Did you hear anything in ROTJ about Dengar or Boosk? He was a cool character, but on to new ones.
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    Dengar and Bossk were both in ROTJ, in Jabba's Palace.
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    Re: will sebulba make an apprence in ep2.

    Originally posted by kit fristo
    thank you and please support my threads

    Aussies what do they know?

    Anyone remember hearing about a pod pilot named Xelbree? he was in the script for TPM but where is he now?

    Xelbree was later named "Mawhonic" (the Gran) which sebulba knocks with his racer and crashes

    Did you hear anything in ROTJ about Dengar or Boosk?

    As Amanamanman said they can be seen in Jabbas Palace in ROTJ,Not that hard to miss
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