Alright, I have some extras and I am missing a few so I figured I would try to trade for what I need rather than buy 50 more packs to find a dozen missing cards. So this is for everyone collecting these cool new cards:

HAVE (some of these I have in multiples)

1. Anakin Skywalker
3. Mace Windu
4. Yoda
5. Kit Fisto
6. ARC Trooper
8. Asajj Ventress
9. Count Dooku
10. A Galaxy In Conflict
11. The Power Of Windu
12. Troopers Of The Republic
14. A Most Gifted Student
15. The Chancellors Decision
16. Onward To His Destiny
18. Squadrons Launched
19. ARC Troopers Delpoy
20. Against A Droid Army
21. ARC Trooper Assault
24. "Target Sighted!"
25. Troopers Take Over
26. Unfriendly Persuasion
27. The Mercenary Army
29. A Sniper Strikes Back
30. Assault Vehicles Destroyed!
31. Durge Triumphant!
33. Jedi of the Sea
35. Using The Force
36. Twin Terrors
38. Arena Of Death
39. Count Dooku Welcomed
40. The New Combatant
41. Malice Against Metal
44. "I Am...Sith!"
45. Apprentice...Or Adversary?
46. The Power Of Dooku
48. War Of The Sith
50. Ventress Vanquished
51. Master Of Evil
52. Kenobi's Battle Plan
53. Skewering A Droid
54. Obi-Wan's Charge
55. The Fatal Thrust?
56. Flame And The Fury
57. A Clash Of Titans
58. "We Are In Position"
60. A Droid Dispatched
62. The Return Of Durge
63. Durge The Unstopable
64. Obi-Wan Engulfed!
65. Victory At Last
66. Battle In Outer Space
67. Anakin's Bold Move
68. Space Raiders
71. Collision Course
72. General Grevious (Sneak Peek)
73. Episode III Clone Trooper (Sneak Peek)
75. Durge's Debut
76. Deadly Duo
77. Attack Of The Dark Jedi
78. The Battle Of Jabiim
79. Anakin Unleashed
80. Padawans Fight Alone
81. Troops Of The Republic
82. Old Enemies, New Dangers
83. Dark Side Rising
84. Dark Jedi Triumphant
85. Power Of The Dark Side
86. The Phantom Menace
88. An Epic Struggle

2 of 10 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Motion Card
B6 Yoda


2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
13. Master And Padawan
43. Battling Asajj Ventress
69. "All Ships...Fire!"
70. Annihilating The Enemy
74. The Defense Of Kamino

1 of 10
8 of 10
10 of 10

Motion Cards

Well, that's about it. I will trade several cards for the ones I need, I have 2, 3 and 4 of some cards. Obviously the Motion cards and Sticker cards are a little more difficult to come, so I am willing to trade very well for them, I really can't use my extras anyway.