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    Kenner bagged figures

    Who collects the kenner bagged figures? I do along with everything else and have amassed the following figures:

    Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot
    Bwing pilot
    At St Driver
    Hoth trooper
    C3po w/removeable arms
    Gammorrean Guard
    R2D2 w/scope
    Klaatu Skiff
    Nikto Guard
    Prune face
    Boba Fett

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    Re: Kenner bagged figures

    NIce collection. I myself have never gotten into the bagged collection.

    BTW welcome to the boards.
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    Re: Kenner bagged figures

    I'm just a simple loose collector. So no I don't collect bagged figures. But I can tell you my Emperor and Anakin figures were once bagged.
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    Re: Kenner bagged figures

    I have a Kenner bagged Wind-Up R2-D2
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    Re: Kenner bagged figures

    I think the only bagged one I have is Threepio: Limbs. As a loose collector, if I found any bagged ones, they were probably freed as soon as I got them home. I do believe that any mail-away figure was bagged (and boxed), so I know I'd have had these ones, then:
    Boba Fett (2)
    Adm. Ackbar
    Nien Nunb
    Vlix (kidding! )
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    Re: Kenner bagged figures

    I have 3PO (removalble limbs), B-Wing Pilot, and Prune Face. Opened, but I made it a point to keep the bags.

    I wouldn't mind finding a Darth to keep in the bag though
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