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    OTC hitting stores already?

    I saw the OTC packaged lightsabers at Target yesterday, so it would seem that at least some of the OTC merchandise is finally hitting stores. Can the figures be far behind?

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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    I hit up a couple of stores yesterday and didnt see anything
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    Last night the toys r us in St. Charles in the Chicago land area had the otc Vader's tie fighter. No figures yet, but I must say the packaging looks great.

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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    I have hit 6 stores in the last week and found none. Iamnot woprried about the first wave since I have them on preorder.
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    Here is Dallas, TX -- I have seen both the X-wing and the Tie Fighter at a local Comic Shop -- however, no figures yet.
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    I haven't found anything in the Atlanta area yet...still waiting.
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    I havent even seen the Jabba's Palace wave yet, though I did find a Saga Bossk at a K-Mart, but thats one figure, though that K-Mart seems to do a good job restocking, but I live too far away to get there before other people do :/
    All in all, there are a few possibilites as to what'll happen in my area, but its too hard to say what will happen for sure or what I'll find.
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    Dude, I've already picked up all of the OTC at a local KB, and I got all the Episode III preview figures except for General Grievous. You guys are behind!

    Oh, wait, the name of this thread isn't "Blatant Lies."

    I've been from one end of this county to another, and I've seen nothing OTC except for pictures online.
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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    I haven't seen any OTC in Indianapolis or the smaller cities in west-central Indiana.

    I see the HOF assortment everywhere, and occasionally the Star Destroyer wave.

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    Re: OTC hitting stores already?

    Nothing in Lansing, MI yet. Big suprise there! Hey, Chuxter, that wasn't funny, ya' had me goin'!


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