Over the last couple of years I've really gotten in collecting rarities, RoTOs and bootlegs (more the rarities) of some of my favorite bands. It started with the releases of the Complete U2 and With the Lights Out (Nirvana) box sets. I knew the "Complete U2" wasn't everything when it come out, and is now out of date. And With the Lights Out barely scratched the surface of Nirvana. So I've been doing some research online about this stuff. U2 bored me pretty quick and I changed my focus to Pink Floyd and Nirvana. And with in the last month I've make big scores in both areas.

Pink Floyd has a lot of rare, unreleased, and good RoTOs out there. For example The Man/The Journey is all three. It has a couple of very rare songs, it's an unreleased work and are some good RoTOs of it performances. The Wall is another good example. I know there are a number of unreleased tracks from it, "What Shall We Do Now?" being the one I'm most interested in finding. I've heard some are the RoTOs of the live show are as good or better the official live Wall album. What I've recently found are number of the Barrett era singles and rarities. Musical these aren't the best, even for early Floyd. But are still fun to hear.

Nirvana is of interest because of it's fluid nature. Cobain (and company) were constantly fiddling with their songs, changing lyrics (either a little or a lot), the tempo, the tuning or anything else for that matter. I've got two versions of "You Know Your Right" and they're very different from one another. One of the really cool things is the band's recording and concert history is very well documented. The downside is I know of stuff I can't access to. Some of the Nevermind demos and a song called "Ivy League" are at the top of my list. I what I recently scored are some demo songs from Cobain's band Fecal Matter. Now this isn't Nirvana, but has some early Nirvana songs ("Spank Thru" and "Downer"). There are a number of fake Fecal Matter songs out there, but this one sound promising. It doesn't match the known fakes I could learn of. "Spank Thru" is the same as the legit Fecal Matter version I own. And "Sound of Dentage" is the same as an authenticated version I've heard. I think the rest are promising.