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    I'm still learning

    Until today I always thought the Power Droid that came with BP#7, BP#16, and the MM boxed Droids 16 piece set were all the same. I just realized that the one that came in BP 7 stands at a slight tilt. The ones in BP #16 and the Droids set are the same though, they have the legs perfectly perpendicular to the upper body. I have them all boxed and loose and the boxed and loose BP 7 are the same, and the boxed and loose BP 16s and Droids sets are the same as well. It amazes me how often I find out something new about things I've had for years.

    This is what happens when I get bored, .


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    don't bore, just try to send the photos you promised to me
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    Re: I'm still learning

    I'll try to get those pics taken today, you're not the only one who's been waiting. Sorry for taking so long to take them.


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    Re: I'm still learning

    Ok, Sergiu motivated and so I took the images, there are pics of a few other items in there too.



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