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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Kidhuman (with wife)
    Mericen (possibly)
    Jedi Teacher
    Dr Evazan22 (and brother)
    JediBoulton (and wife)
    The 'Xir
    Scruffziller (with brother & possibly friends)
    OC41750 (and friend)
    Dave_Cameron (and son)
    Jedi Master Sal (and fiancee)
    Darth Grifter
    (welcome aboard!)
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Don't know how I haven't posted in this thread yet . . .

    I'll be going for the four days, and my older brother will be coming along as well. Can't wait to see some of you in the flesh!!!!!
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Yup, I'll be there. Haven't signed up for the passes yet nor the Hotel room, but am going to do that shortly. Hopefully we don't have to pay for the Hotel room right away, as I don't have that money right now. Only have enough for FanClub membership and show registration.

    Is Steve getting a booth this year? Would be fun to meet up with other SSG'rs at the show and afterwards as well.

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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    I've purchased the tkts.. so Im good for that Friday. Yup, one day. I think it'll be plenty though Id like to hang longer..( heh.. wouldnt we all.. )

    **cough** so anyway. I'll have my son, and a buddy and his son with me. Hope we can all hang for a bit in one spot.. we certainly have the time to figure it out..

    see ya'll there!
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Aww Tony, I was hopin to hang out with ya for a bit. Well atleast we can do that at the show.

    Anyone know if SirSteve is getting a booth there? We could all schedule to meet up at a certain time at his booth on Friday or something like that.

    My friend and I are going to be there all 4 days (or atleast we have a pass for all 4 days, we could end up leaving early if work or something comes up...quite a ways away, so who knows what will happen). We'll probably check out the city while we're there since we've never been to Indianapolis.

    I think someone mentioned it before in this thread or another, but a good idea would be to go to dinner somewhere and hangout. Think you can stay that long Tony? Would be fun to get a bunch of us SSG'rs together for some food, drinks (no bars...there will be kids), and laughs.
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Im certainly down for a nice dinner party with everyone. I think that Friday night would be a great time to do so. Something decent of course. not over the top, but not mcy d's either..
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    JP, go ahead and delete my old name Grievous from the list, and add my current (and original) name. Just so we're clear, we're one and the same, but I think this name is more recognizable than my other one.

    I think I'll be getting tickets soon, I'm going with my parents.

    And yeah, no bars, I want to meet you guys, but I'll only be 15 then.
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Count me, wife and brother in
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    thought I had posted in this thread, but I'm going.
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Dont know if this is ok to do or not -- but here is some great news from STARWARS.COM on a "Fan Club" area that is going to be available at CEL III --
    [FONT=Arial]Star Wars fans from all over the world will gather in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis April 21 -- 24, 2005 to celebrate the coming premiere of Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and to share the excitement of Celebration III with other fans. To help Star Wars enthusiasts enjoy the show together, Lucasfilm and Gen Con LLC will set aside a special Star Wars fan area with free exhibit space for a limited number of clubs and groups that qualify.[/FONT]

    Here is someplace we can have a "get-together" to plan stuff??
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