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    Who is going to Celebration III?

    That's the question. I am only looking for "affirmatives" on this thread. Please do not answer if you are not going and do not post any discussions here as you can post that in the Celebration III thread. I guess I am trying to get a head count as to how many SSG'ers will be in Indy next year. I think this may help us organise some sort of function on one of the evenings of the convention. You can always have your name removed from the list in the event you cannot attend.

    I will do a periodic check on the thread and make a list of the most recent postings. Thanks for your cooperation!!!
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    Thumbs up Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    I'm going!
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    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Hopefully I will

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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Me, me , me , me
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Im going. oh yes. I shall indeed be there!
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    I am going, I can't wait!!!
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    I am going!

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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    Count me in guys!

    Didn't go to CI & CII but will definately not miss this one. This is gonna be one heck of an experience for sure!!!
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?

    CoolJoe..that notation I made about "ship to me" was not with the "view your registrations" section but the personal "profile" category(user name, password, mailing address, e-mail, etc. You have to go into the actual registration part on I don't know? GenCon sent me an email that everything was fine(badges would still be shipped), but offered no explanation as to how it happened. Noone knows my username & password but me, or so I thought. My theory is that it somehow clicked over(changed, maybe?) when I ordered the CIII Celebration at Celebration party tickets. Those have to be picked up at a will call booth. All I know is I'm trying to avoid standing in line any more than I have to...but I guess it's inevitable! Still haven't received my badges...or Insider #81 either. Md. must be the snail mail capitol of the U.S.
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    Re: Who is going to Celebration III?


    i'm soo pumped because today i got my badge in the mail...this just ups my level of anticipation for the con having all my stuff in hand. wow! i still can't believe that i'm going to this, but i'm so excited to see everything and experience this once in a lifetime celebration! can't wait to meet some of you guys as well...excuse me while i jump for joy!
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