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  • Virtually nothing at all

    82 16.70%
  • Only new figures - basic and/or vintage

    163 33.20%
  • Just worthy repaints & new figures

    109 22.20%
  • Most, and will decide on others later

    94 19.14%
  • All of it, every figure & vehicle new or old

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    What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    Now that we know what the first 50 OTC figures will be (38 basics and 12 vintage), one wonders how much of this stuff looks appealing to collectors. Around 80% of the basic figures will be older figures repackaged, but the new OTC packaging scheme seems to appeal to current collectors quite a bit which may help push those repacks, and new paint jobs on a few of those older figures won't hurt either. There's also revisits of several vehicles including the Millennium Falcon with a few new upgrades and the classic X-wing sans electronics (celebrating the tooling's 27th year), as well as news of the OTC Sandcrawler exclusive to Diamond distributing (aka comic & specialty shops).

    So how much of the OTC line will you be taking home with you over the next few months?

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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    It's nice to be the first one to vote in a poll, it means that 100% of those polled agree with you.

    I will buy the four new Dagaboh figures, the clean Biker Scout (I only found one before), the three new Bespin figures, probably the new Bespin Luke if it can hold the saber with both hands and is less beat up than the last Bespin Luke, AT-ST Han, Madine, and General Lando (haven't found the last three on Sage carding). I will probably buy a scanning crew technician or two even though I got it before. For the Vintage Line I will buy the Ben so he can sit down in the cantina or sandspeeder, the Stormtrooper if he can hold his gun with both hands, the Vader since he can choke Antilles, the Lando if he has a less extreme pose than before, the C-3P0 if his knees are articulated, the Yoda for the snake, and too early to tell on R2, Boba, and Chewie.

    I WILL order the sandcrawler.

    I will pass on everything else. This means I am buying about a third of everything offered. This is a remarkably low percentage compared to my usual buying habits. However, I have little objection to this wave of figures. I think it is great for people who haven't bought these figures before.
    For instance, Bib Fortuna probably hasn't been available in stores for at least five years.

    I also think the packaging is really great and is a real plus for a lot of people

    I do think the Hall of Fame waves were a real mistake given that the OTC was about to come out.
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    Only new stuff!

    Its time to make a stand and show Hasbro we dont want the same old figures in diferent cards!
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    Right now I only plan on getting the Dagobah Luke, Yoda, R2, and Obi Wan. That may change if I see them sitting at a store though.

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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I put most. I want everything, but dont have many places to shop at besides Wal-MArts and they do not carry vehicles or playsets.
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I agree with Droid about the HOF figures being released too close to the OTC figures since there are so many repeats between the lines. I also am not sure why we need three OTC Vaders + the VOTC one.

    I'm an opener, and while the cards do look nice, I won't be buying any to remain carded. My plan is to buy all of the new figures including a second Dagobah Luke so that I can display one upside down and one carrying Yoda in teh backback. I will also buy a clean Scout Trooper since I only ever found the dirty one, the spruced up Bespin Luke, X-Wing Pilot Luke if, he does not have the buck teeth (I've seen pictures both ways) and possibly IG-88 when I see him. In the pictures he appears to have been given some significant detail work with paint.

    I may also buy a few for my kids such as the Gamorrean Guard, Scout Trooper, and a couple others.

    I will buy the entire 3/4" VOTC line. I'm skipping the 12" line entirely.

    I will buy the Sandcrawler, the Millennium Falcon, and will consider the X-Wing and TIE Fighter on a case by case basis, and as my budget allows I already have these, so unless there is a a noticible difference in the paint schemes, I will most likely pass, though my kids might end up with them.

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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I am buying almost NOTHING!

    1 Dagobah Luke
    1 Dagobah Obi-Wan
    1 Dagobah Yoda
    2 Dagobah R2-D2
    8 Bespin Cloud Car Pilots

    That about sums it up.

    Plus the Sandcrawler.

    I will probably buy vintage OTC Yoda to open - maybe several, as they're bound to be superior to Episode 3 figures of him. The same might be said of Vader if the uniform is not going to be different. But here's what I really think.


    PROBABLY NOT Luke has some appeal because of the concept, but if the shirt is too big, it's not executed very well.

    PROBABLY NOT Han - does look sweet.

    NO THANK YOU TO Leia - not much improvement or difference from the Leia Collection, which minus the articulation, actually is better in my opinion thus far.

    NOT GOING TO GET Obi-Wan - the cloak looks beyond unreasonably large. I doubt I'd buy this one.

    MIGHT GET Vader - possibly.

    NOT GOING TO GET C-3PO - possibly, but I don't need a great 3PO. Cheaper ones are better. How much more beyond removeable limbs could they do with him. I'm not a carded collector.

    MIGHT GET Chewbacca - possibly. If I could hold him for Episode 3 use.

    NOT GOING TO GET Lando - looks good. What the POTJ should have been. The only improvement is more articulation, otherwise it's the same figure. I don't think I'll need another Bespin version of him. So: No.

    NOT GOING TO GET Boba Fett - hmmm. Could be cool. Don't really need it though. I have an extra 300th edition and unless I develop a need to radically pose him - nope.

    PROBABLY NOT R2D2 - depending upon what he does, this remains to be seen if I'll be buying him. Doubt it though. There will be many more R2's for $5, why spend $10?

    NOT GOING TO GET Stormtrooper - I have armies of the 1995 figure. I deliberately didn't go for the CommTech so I could stay consistent. With 15 or so still carded '95's, I have no need to add to my 100+ legion.

    DEFINITELY WILL GET Yoda - like I said. I'll probably be buying this one. It's been long overdue that we get a great figure of him.

    As to the regular line: I'm happy for you guys who started the hobby late or could never find everything you wanted the first time.

    I won't be in your way.
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I voted most. I will get all the carded figures and 12", but will not get all the ships.
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I plan on buying everything! Because, as I have said before, I am insane. I don't even collect the 12 inch line and I plan to buy the 12 inch OTC stuff.
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    Re: What will you be getting from the OTC line?

    I plan on buying 2 of each VOTC figures, 2 Dagobah Lukes and CC Pilots, one of each of the other new figs, and any repacks of figures that I either missed out on originally, or that I think look great in the new OTC package. (Stormtrooper)
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