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    New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    The official Star Wars site has this update:

    It's the neighborhood bar where you don't want anyone to know your name -- the Mos Eisley Cantina. This summer, Kmart will carry an all new Cantina Aliens Scene Pack, with silver and black Original Trilogy Collection packaging. This scene includes three unsavory characters -- the homicidal Dr. Evazan, the droid-hating bartender Wuher, and the oversized mantis Kitik Keed'kak. The set comes with three sections of the bar and six stools with multiple drinking mugs to recreate the unforgettable watering hole from A New Hope.

    I sure don't want to go to Kmart every day this summer, but I will! I am relieved we are finally going to get these figures.

    Also, if you look carefully at the picture they have on the sight it says "Scene 1". To me that implies more sets. Are the Banniss Keeg (Duros), Bom Vimdim, Elis Herlot (Givin), Feltiperm Trevagg (Gotal), Hem Dazon (Acrona), Hrcheck Kal Fas (Saurin) rumors at Jedi Defender true? If they continue with the 3-packs these six rumored figured would constitute two more sets of three. Maybe they'll pack the figures with the rounded piece of the bar!

    It would be ironic if the first Kmart set would sell so badly that the other two sets never came out, except in Europe, Ebay, and Jedi Points auctions until someday - years from now - they released the next two sets at some obscure discount store! KNOCK ON WOOD.

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    Great news!!! I hope the K-mart up the street from work gets this!!
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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    We're certainly due for these figures. Refresh my memory - were these 3 the exact same ones that were originally slated for Cantina Sets Wave 2? I'm sure Wuher and Kitik were, but was Evazan the third?

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    Excellent! I have 4 Kmarts near me so I've got a good chance of finding this. Looks like I may be able to help fellow collectors as well that don't have Kmarts near them.
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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    jjreason, Evazan was the third. I was looking forward to getting him because he appeared to be at least a slight improvement on the abyssmal Cantian Showdown Evazan.

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    This is great news! Although I rarely if ever go to kmart (I have a phobia of stores like that, including walmart, target, et. al) I'll probably get it off of ebay or the internet if Kebco doesn't offer it, which hopefully they will.

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    Awesome news!!
    I can finally get my beloved Kitik!! Bring on more freaky aliens!!

    On the new OTC packaging shown, it says "Scene 1". Does this mean another set is on its way?? Hem, Bom, and others have been rumored to be coming. Could they be in "scene 2" ?? Perhaps a curved bar section?? They did break down and provide a center floor section for the Jedi Council chamber scenes. There is hope.

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    Oooh, sounds good! Though my K-mart closed down a while ago there are a few within a few miles. This set will go nicely alongside the 2002 Wal-Mart sets.
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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    I agree, great news. To finally get Kitik is very cool.
    I also agree that the "Scene 1" implies more to come. If it's done right with a curved bar piece, a floor (like the Jedi Council), and more well done 1st time figures, I'm all for it and will put it on my 'must buy' list.
    Minor grip-I'd eventually like to see a Ponda Baba re-issue with blaster, and seperate damaged/bloody arm. For what it's worth. NOT to encourage Hasbro to reissue Greedo, Hammerhead, and Ponda as Scene 2-THAT would not be cool.

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    Re: New Cantina 3-pack confirmed for Kmart!

    Droid: I don't know what improvemnets you are referring to for Dr. Evazan. They essentially gave his clothes a little detailing with a dry brush is that appears to be different. He has the same head that in no way resembles the movie character.

    Darth Alex: The Ponda Baba from the Wal-Mart cantina sets had a removable arm. I don't think we should encourage Hasbro to include Ponda Baba in any future sets, or we will kill the line.


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