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Thread: Rarest POTJ?

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    Rarest POTJ?

    I was thinking that unlike the EU line and the end of Episode I, POTJ has not yet seen any major shortages ... yet. However I would say the Clean Biker Scout has been hard to find. Any other figures have escaped your grasp (not counting FX-7 and beyond)?

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    I was thinking Lando, Tessek, "pleasure tongue" Jar-Jar and R2-Q5 were pretty rare, but then Lando and Tessek started showing up all over the country last month. So... does that leave us with old Jar-Jar again?
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    R2-Q5 would be the one that springs to mind. I have yet to see one on open shelves. I had to buy mine on eBay. Of course in this area we are experiencing another Star Wars toy drought. I have yet to see the second wave Deluxe figures or any of the FX-7 wave. If anyone out there can hook me up with these at department store retail prices plus shipping, please let me know! I'm sure Sith Worm would want to get in on that too.
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    Survey says: R2-Q5!

    Also, the clean version of scout trooper was tough. I've heard reports/rumors/incoherent ramblings that its been rereleased, but only time will tell.

    Also, I've personally never seen Fode&Beed or a Sebulba, but that's just me.
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    I have to agree w/ the R2-Q5. I think I may have seen one on a peg.
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    I guess I am just lucky. I have found all of them on the pegs. Usually without much looking.

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    Me too QLD. I was able to find all the figures on pegs...but that was mainly me. My Oklahoma collector bretherin seemed to have some trouble finding R2-Q5....
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    Well if you mean variants, I'd say .0300 R2-Q5, but just figures in general, it's really hard to say, I've had to resort to a number of places to get my figs because my Wal-Mart (The nearest non wal-mart store is 17+ miles, and that's TARGET of all places. ) is hardly ordering anything anymore unless it's not SW then it's ordered by the billions. I've still yet to see the Palm Talker figs.

    Anyway, I'd have to guess either R2-Q5, Clean Biker Scout, or the Rebel Trooper.
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    LtBasker, I know what you mean. Of all the stores around me, Biggs, Wal-Mart, Toys R' Us, Target, etc., only a small, locally owned, used video game store carries any of the newer waves. Everyone else is still choking on the early waves of Episode I, POTJ, and even Freeze Frame POTF2, so they have refused to buy anything else.
    Unfortunatly, by being locally owned, the store dosen't have the funds to get every new wave.

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    I think the R2-Q5 was easy to find in the south.


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