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    Mexico's OTC exclusive

    It's been awhile since a exclusive looked so good.

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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    It's been awhile since a exclusive looked so good.

    Holy crap, that looks awesome! Who do we know south of the border? Can these be gotten in Tijuana?

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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Yes, this thing looks SUPER SWEET!
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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Wow, that's coo! At least we'll get the same figures separately here in the states.

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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Wow, and we get a crappy silver sandtrooper for our exclusive.
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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Really great looking package and prodcut. I can't believe we wont be getting this north of the border.

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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    That's a really handsome exclusive package! Stop knocking the Mexicans, Mr. Garrison!!!
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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    That really looks awesome, i am going to try and pick that up.
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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    If i were able to find this exclusive i would pick it up in a heartbeat. Normally the figures wouldnt excite me but the packaging is arguably one of the best ive seen from the whole Star Wars line. Any idea on if it will be at some convention in Mexico or would it end up at a retailer down there? My parents are debating their vacation plans and Mexico (though its the least likely) is among the places being mentioned.
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    Re: Mexico's OTC exclusive

    Hopefully they will use it at other conventions to like the Silver Boba or make some available through the fanclub site.
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