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    Christmas specials!

    Just thought I'd let you all know that I just picked up Eeth Koth and Delux Leia with Sail Barge Cannon in my home town of Southend On Sea in Essex for the unbelievable price of ONE POUND EACH!!!!!! This is no joke I promise you!Only after wards did I stop long enough to worry about why they were so cheap and just how dodgy it all is.So keep a look out in markets and the like for these, especially if you are a legitimate retailer with missing stock.

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    Y'know i've heard tales of H.M.Customs officials kicking boxes around that they know contain star wars goods just so it can't be delivered under stringent rules and regs of the customs laws. They then open the boxes and remove anything worth selling before binning the boxes. This stuff is then sold on to unscrupulous dealers who then sell it on to market traders and the like. It's worse if stuff comes in by container load. It's a flippin' field day for customs guys then!

    Anyone who ever had a case of figures go missing in transit will understand what I'm talking about I think.

    Anyway, nice find matey and I wish it had been me instead of you

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    You lucky B@$t@rd


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