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    Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    4 sneak preview figures and a vehicle. That's all.
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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    And if the Swami is right, they should rock the hizouse.

    General Grevious, Wookie Warrior, R2/Astromech Droid, and Tion Meddon (Helpful Alien played by Bruce Spence)

    And I'm betting the vehicle will be the new re-designed Jedi Starfighter.

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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    Don't forget the cup with Vader. 4 figures and a vehicle are not bad, considering we are getting them this year, instead of March a month before all the other figures come out like with Episode II.
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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    This will be especially nice right after being inundated by all of the rereleases and resculpts of core OT characters from the OTC and VOTC lines. I'm guessing that if this does happen it will happen at the same time the teaser trailer hits theaters.

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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    Any idea on the vehicle.....V-19 anyone...hello anyone?
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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the cards when these come out in a few months.
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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    Well, I guess it will work out, hopefully Hasbro will do a couple of waves of these.

    DarthQuack, I dont know what kind of card they will have as the EPII sneak previews were on POTJ cardbacks.
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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    OHHH baby!! Grevious, Wookie Warrior and Meddion by years end!!! GREATNESS!!!

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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    Quote Originally Posted by -Durge-
    OHHH baby!! Grevious, Wookie Warrior and Meddion by years end!!! GREATNESS!!!
    Yep, i'm just as excited as you are sounds like a great preview wave. Especially Grievous since we know who he is and the wookies, a droid is obvious, i was expecting a republic commando since we got a clone trooper last time but this wave is even better im happy.

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    Re: Possibly NOVEMBER 2004...

    This is great news. I don't care if it's jumping the gun a bit, a Grevious before year's end is great!


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