View Poll Results: Should Hasbro add a modern version of Romba to our collections?

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  • Yes, make him!

    403 87.99%
  • No, we don't need Romba

    18 3.93%
  • No, we don't want any more Ewoks!

    29 6.33%
  • Hasbro should just make Prequel figures only now.

    8 1.75%
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    Should Hasbro add a modern version of Romba to our collections?

    Should Hasbro add a modern version of Romba to our collections?

    With the long wait for many fans to get another Ewok action figure, TEEBO's break through into the early 2002 POTJ lineup was highly acclaimed by just about all of our readers!

    Is it finally time for more Ewoks? You decide!

    Then let's discuss your opinions here.

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    Sure, make him, why not. But I don't want to have to buy individual ewoks. Make like 3-5 and put them in a boxed set or cinema scene or something.
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    I agree with Wolfwood319. A cinema scene would be great for these little guys. How about a village scene. don't put any people though cause then it would be the VILLAGE PEOPLE. okay I know bad joke.

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    Wow, popular thread. On my way in I noticed ten guests to the forums reading this. Romba must be a popular guy then.

    I say release every single Ewok there ever was. All the un-named ones and the main ones - Romba, Lumat, Warok, Chief Chirpa. The mother Ewok with her Woklings and the Ewok with the Imperial helmet xylophone *nods toward Rollo Tomassi with a cheeky wink* The dead Ewok and the grieving friend. Give us every darned Ewok going and make them as sweet as the Teebo sculpt. Resculpt the existing Ewoks to match the quality of Teebo. Redo Paploo to have the same quality as Teebo. Redo the Ewok and glider, re-release the Ewok village playset with better detailing.
    Give us the Ewok army!!

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    Thumbs up

    I think all the classic figures shoud be redone.
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    There should be a poll option that says:
    [font=arial]- Make a time machine, go back to 1980, and stop George Lucas from coming up with Ewoks; thus erasing all Ewok-based toys from our existance! altogether[/font]
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    Hasbro should just make Prequel figures only now.
    Personally I think Romba is ugly YUCK! I want new Prequel figures,no resculpts just plain new stuff
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    I think they should just concentrate(sp?) on the prequel figures for now. After episode 3 has come and gone then I think they should move out and do more.

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    I think that there's room for everyone to get a little of what they want. The army builders have had a bit of a decent run just lately so how about giving a little elbow room to those folk who actually like the little fuzzballs and the Gungans and the Rebo band CGI edition etc. All fans are as valid as each other so why anyone should start getting hissy and demanding this that or the other is beyond me. that's just avarice talking that is. I'm happy for whatever to come out as long as it isn't endless rehashes of the same thing like astro droids and Darth maul. I think it's time we had a break from all of that and got something new and different in this current line up. So bring on the dancing Ewoks and may they all find happy homes.
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    The market for Ewoks of any kind might be limited right now, so it would useful and extra cool if a group of them were released as part of a Ewok Tree Village playset.


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