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    Question Grand Admiral Thrawn EU figure

    Is this figure any good? If I had the chance to buy it for 20 ($20), should I? I really like his character, best in EU, along with Corran Horn (whom I may never see a figure of ). I don't actually have the chance, but he may turn up in shop near me, like Mara Jade .
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    If you thought the rest of the EU line had decent sculpting, you'll like Thrawn. I personally thought they could've done better.

    What is with you and Corran Horn?

    Who/What is Corran Horn, anyway?
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    $20 is a total rip off for that. I got one by trading a Dejarik Champion chewie! It is a cool figure though,but has no shooulder things, no nutrient bar for the ysalimari, and is abit small. Its cool though
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    They make a Corran Horn figure? Cool! hey, do you want to trade or sell your Mara jade?
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    thrawn is cool

    Yah, thrawn is a great figure. i do like him. oh, and Corran is a human, from corellia, Rogue Squadron pilot, Corsec inspector, jedi Knight.
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    Thrawn is a very cool figure but I wouldn't say hes worth $20. I'd pay about $10 for one if you can.
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    $20 is the price set by the secondary market not the suggested retail price from Hasbro. Once a figure reaches the secondary market then Hasbro no longer has control over the price and doesn't profit from the toy's sale.

    I believe places like Brian's Toys actually purchase the toys from Hong Kong at factory prices, then sell them at double, triple or quadruple retail to cash in on the impatient among us.
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    If you read I, Jedi, you'll know how cool Corran Horn is!
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    "You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!"-Count Dooku

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    I agree

    I agree with jayspawn. $10 is reasonable. Corran horn is also awesome, not only in I,jedi but in most of the X-wing books(the fraction he's in, about 6/9 or so). Anybody got a 300th fett? I'll pay money!
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    He is a good figure to have and I want him,but I'll bide my time and get he cheeper.I did that for Mara and was able to get her for 12.00.Sometimes it pays to be to wait.
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