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    Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    I'm sure as many here know I love plants of all sorts; I'm starting this likely highly unpopular thread to see if anyone else shares this passion

    My most recent favourite addition is a Nepenthes (still don't know what variety, gotta wait for the pitchers) it's a fairly rare carnivorous species of vine-like pitcher plant, here's a nice pic of it

    the other I called Jungle plant, it is unidentified...... anyone??? the pic stinks, but I'll put a better one, you can get an idea from it at least, I've had it for several years, this was actually grown from a seed I got off of the original one I was given... it really puzzles me, maybe someone will recognize it....

    PS theres a good bit of the current in the Nepenthes shot

    I am looking to expand my collection of carnivores throuhg starting seeds, I want Droseras and stuff next, they're all hard to keep, but they are so cool the hassle (and sometimes heartbreak) is more than worth it....

    So, anyone else have any fun plants, or gardens???
    Our outdoors garden has over 100 different things in it, maybe even closer to 200 (we add stuff as the space presents itself) focussing on Habanero peppers natch
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    Well I've learned a little about growing certain plants in my work experience, but the only thing Jodi and I can seem to cultivate are weeds! Honestly, we have a lot more growing at this house than we did at the last one. Outside we have a Japanese maple and a buckeye nut tree, a small relative of a palm tree (Nanaimo is famous for being able to maintain them, believe it or not, many people plant them here), strawberries growing in the back yard, a humongous lilac bush/tree that's over 10ft in height along with numerous perrennial flowers I don't know the names of. In the house we only have a couple of very tough plants - they seem to be able to survive neglect, children and our dog. No mean feat.

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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    Gardening/plants/flowers, while not a passion to me like star wars, still hold a soft spot in my heart. I've staken several stabs at doing some stuff. For example, once a friend bought me a bonsai plant and the roomates and I all of sudden went nuts, built a greenhouse and filled it with probably 70 or so bonsais...most we made...and out of those, my roomy Ernie made the most, but it was COOL.

    Here in so. cal because just about anything grows (did you know that palm trees are NOT native to california) I like to grow favorite being an aloe vera plant/cactus. I also just planted some catnip outside my window, which reminds me that when I lived up on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, we also had a garden out back with mostly herbs, including catnip and opium, yes opium poppies that grew naturally, like weeds really. But this family of deer kept jumping over the fence and eating everything, but the garden stayed.

    I also LOVE just being around hundreds of plants/trees all at once and I often go for hikes at the nature center here by my takes all of my worries away!

    Great thread by the way! Just thinking about all this stuff brought some great memories back...thanks
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    I've dabbled with house plants through the years but nothing exotic like you have.

    What I REALLY want to get into, though, is water gardening, ya know, ponds and stuff....water lillies, irises, duck weed.....koi....water falls. I've researched for over a year only to become more confused as to what's the best equipment (i.e. pumps, biofilters, UV filters, skimmers, on and on....). There's more than one way to have a successful garden, so it's hard to know what's best to use. I wish I'd find the same answer twice from someone!

    Anything like this in your garden, mabs?
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7

    What I REALLY want to get into, though, is water gardening,

    Have never tried gardening, never really had a place to do it. Growing up in NYC, we didnt have much dirt to do these things. Hard to grow anything in concrete. Although we did try to grow some indoor plants a dfew times in our younger days.
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    DNA- Glad this thread "did" it for ya (it's no bald dude, but hey )

    JJ- how could a master of the Trak Ball not be able to grow anything?? Besides, after our last meeting, I copied down all the knowledge you imparted
    you really do know a lot about certain plants, and I'll stop there

    TI-7- no, the closest I could say I've come to the "water garden" thing is a big bowl with a Betta in it and pothos growing out of the top... I'll post a pic of it, it's nice (and as a bit of irony, we have the bowl on a sushi-rolling mat, looks like a little bamboo curtain)... the fish (named "Omicron") really seems to like having the leaves all surrounding his bowl, and he nibbles on the roots if I forget to feed him....

    I do have a Venus Flytrap, which has to be kept in a jar to keep enough humidity (I've had it more than a year and it's still looking good) and the Nepenthes is a super finicky jungle plant that needs to be kept in a glass filled with water so that the roots aren'tstanding in water, yet never actually dry out... there's algae growing on the soil, though... and we have discussed a water garden, my mom has one at her new house that's doing pretty well, and another buddy's dad (who grows orchids extensively, really cool) has a super sweet one with lots of lotus and stuff in it...

    I envy my western-southern buddies, the west coast especially is awesome for growing pretty much everything (eh, JJ????)

    And DNA, yeah, I was born in the near-north, so it was pretty much a case of "enjoy nature or else you got nothing"..... we had several waterfalls nearby, and springs and TONS of rock (Canadian Shield, no less)... our yard now is a beautiful little enclave (we have 6' hedges all around, great on a corner) and we like nothing more than to sit out there and just listen to it "happen"... a buddy has a digi cam, I would love to share some shots of it, it is really going nuts right now, tiger lilies blooming, snapdragons, several lobelias, my gooseberry bush is ready to pick, the clematis is covered in blooms (purlple-blue ones) and of note, this year we have giant marigolds, well over 3' high

    But yeah, maybe a few folks could post pics of their stuff too....

    Also, ANYONE recognize that lousy "jungle plant" pic???? I gotta know what it is.....
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    Hey Mabs!

    I live in an apt, so can't really go all out or anything, but I bought this one plant from IKEA, of all places, when I moved in. Now, 4 years later, it's still growing. I think it should be repotted, but don't really have room for a bigger pot. I was wondering if I could trim it, put the trimmings in water and hope it grows. But I'd hate to have done it and it doesn't grow.

    My mom has an apt also right now, and on her fire escape she has tomatoes and other herbs (real herbs) growing in those 5 gal kitty litter buckets! I think it's kinda funny, and just a little gross too! But this is the second year she's doen this. She is already getting some nice sized tomatoes.
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    I'm not much of plant buff, but if I was, I'd want to grow all the carnivorous species (pitcher plants, venus fly traps, etc.) and all the various species that smell like rotten flesh. I think those are the two coolest types of plants.

    JBF seems to have a thing for aloe plants. I've seen him more than once playing with it like it were a puppy or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by mabudon
    Our outdoors garden has over 100 different things in it, maybe even closer to 200 (we add stuff as the space presents itself) focussing on Habanero peppers natch
    Just don't eat those Habeneros raw. Last year our uncle gave us a bag full. After some convincing from my brothers and I, JBF ate some raw. Not only did he complain about how much it burned, it also appeared as if he was wearing lip stick for about a week.
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Wha' choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

    I have seen some pretty unique systems in my years of crime scene work: hydroponics, yes, but more like drip systems in my corner of the world. Those "farmers" can get awfully resourceful when it comes to playing "hide and seek".

    mabudon: I look forward to the pix!
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    Re: Anyone Garden or love houseplants??

    i've been into bonsai for quite a while now... got some pics at the bottom of this page on my website...
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