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    Reissue CW case 3, please!

    Since the animated CW series is gonna start up again before Ep3, I thought this would be a good topic to post.
    I know VERY few people who have actually seen the SA Clonetrooper or even Kit and Tin from this case.
    When the cartoon starts up again, then would be a PERFECT time to re-issue this case, put it out through say EE or
    And at the same time, even put out an exclusive SA Clonetrooper 4-pack...say, 2 like they were with the blaster and 2 like they were in the movie with the "rifle" from the Saga Red striped Clonetrooper.
    Just a thought....

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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    I think I would have to agree with you Alex on this idea. I personally only got to pick up the SA Clone through a trade with someone else and need the other figures as well.
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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    just a note... a fellow collector here in san antonio told me that he had found some 'clone wars' figures at a off market dollar store. he pick up a obi one and also found 2 red arc troopers! it was fantastic , he showed off the arc trooper it was ok but the bubble was a bit smashed. but, anyway i have started looking at some of the off stores that i know of to see if by chance that there is another sa trooper out there waiting for me.

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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    If you see an extra SA Clonetrooper Lazer Brain could you please pick me one up. I will pay cost plus shipping. Also, if you see Kit, Saesee, Red ArcTrooper please pick those up as well. I only want one of each. Thanks.
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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    I think that would be a WONDERFUL idea. You should email them and tell them that. I just won a loose SP Clone yesterday on ebay for 13.03... I cant wait to get it. Im sure its good and I would gladly buy more for RETAIL price.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    I saw the SA wave (minus the Clone Trooper) at my local Rite Aids. The bad news is that they are $8 apiece, a bit pricy. The good news is that I haven't seen the wave much anywhere else, so I picked up a Kit Fisto and left 2 Tiins and an Obi-Wan for others. LMK, if you want either of them because I can get them for you for cost + shipping.
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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    The 8 bucks isnt a bad price considering he won't be showing up for cheaper at retail anytime soon. If you get him through e-tailers or Ebay, they will cost more after shipping.

    BUt yeah, I would love for this case to be re-released. I only had 5 bucks when I saw it and it went to the clone. Never got the other two myself.
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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    It is a really great idea. The kit is an awesome figure and I only have 2 of the trooper and would like more. It always seems funny how Hasbro drops it when they do something well. They need to put the trooper into a new assortment becasue it is probably too late, none of the brick + mortar stores would order any more of such an old case.

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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    Quote Originally Posted by droidekas2
    and I only have 2 of the trooper and would like more. mortar stores would order any
    ONLY 2??!!! Thats more than lots of people have. Be happy that you have them. I just bought one loose on eBaY and they said that I should have it by the end of the week.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Reissue CW case 3, please!

    I can also vouch for CW wave 3 at Rite-Aid. I picked up a SA Clone Trooper at my local store in Michigan this past Monday. It was well worth the $8.


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