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    Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    I plan on getting all 12 of the VOTC figures and if I have extra money, I'll pick up extra Stormtroopers.
    I was wondering that if these sell REAL well, what would the chances be of Hasbro expanding the concept to another say, 12 figures?
    Here's a wish list of what could be not only done, but would probably sell well:

    Chewbacca (bandolier,Crossbow,SA articulation,2 Falcon communication headsets-one to also go with the VOTC-ANH Han)
    R2D2 (accurate dome,plug-in restraining bolt,retractable data-port "tool")
    Luke (stormtrooper armor/helmet,seperate hand with communicator,gun,blast effect)
    Han (same as above)

    Han (roughed up look with removeable holster,silver-tipped gun,carbonite block,clear stand to make block appear to float)
    Boba Fett (SA version like ROTJ VOTC version with blaster effect)
    Luke ("snowspeeder" X-wing pilot outfit with blaster,saber,hilt,grenade,tow cable)
    Leia (Bespin Escape with redone likeness,SA Articulation,stormtrooper blaster,blast effect)

    Emperor (Soft Goods Cloak w/plastic clasp, cane, extra hands for lightening effect, extra face ala Zartan or Zam Wessel to show different expression,Luke's saber hilt)
    Royal Guard (Soft Goods on actual body with legs,Metal pike,correct hand position to hold pike)
    Luke (Jedi,SA Articulation,2 head scuplts-smug-happy and determined,saber, hilt,Jabba's guard blaster,normal hand,blasted hand,gloved hand,cloak,Rancor pit bone)
    Vader (SA Articulation,cape with chain clasp,saber,hilt,slashed hand with wires sticking out,normal hand,2-piece removeable helmet-Anakin head inside)

    I love what I've seen in and out of the package so far from this OTC sub-line.
    I just think Hasbro should continue it. Yes, it's $5 more, but even if some of the suggestions I've posed make it, it'd be worth it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    Yes, I really think they should make more like this. But you have to remember, the bubble is tiny so there can't be too many accessories (like the ones you've listed). And they likely wouldn't make figures that weren't from the vintage line. Here are my picks for more:
    *Death Squad Commander
    *Sand People
    *Luke Skywalker: X-wing Pilot
    *Rebel Soldier
    *Bespin Security Guard (black)
    *Chief Chirpa
    *Bib Fortuna
    *Princess Leia Organa (Combat Poncho)
    POTF - with coins
    *Luke Skywalker (Battle Poncho)
    *Han Solo in Carbonite Chamber
    *Anakin Skywalker
    *Imperial Dignitary
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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    I think after these 12 iconic figures, they should just go back to the basic figure line. Unless they want to do 12 Prequel figures in the same style. 4 for each movie with super articulation, soft goods, and 'vintage' styled cards.

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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    If Hasbro believed they could make more money they would do almost anything!

    I like JJB's idea, 4 vintage style figures from each of the PT movies would be cool! (Super Articulated Clone for EP2).

    I could also go for Hasbro putting out 12 vintage card re-pros like these each year to keep up interest until all 90+ figures have been done.
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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    I think these were a really good one-off line that they COULD expand to the prequels. The only question... what cards would they use to promote those lines?
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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    I don't think it really matters. How about the up coming OTC.
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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    Because of the cost, I'm certain that any further entries made into this line would be variations of the key characters. However much we'd like to see background characters created this nicely, the chances are too great that they wouldn't sell at the higher price. That being said, it would be nice to get the key characters in the rest of their vintage outfits, a Biker Scout, and the Bounty Hunters - who would be the exception to the a/n background character rule.

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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    - Qui-gon
    - Padme
    - Anakin
    - Darth Maul

    - Clone Trooper
    - Dooku
    - Yoda
    - Jango Fett

    - Anakin or Vader
    - Kenobi
    - Palpatine
    - Grevious

    Of course this leaves out Mace, Chewbacca, Jedi, Kaminos, etc...

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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    Ack a spoiler!!!

    I would hope Hasbro would expand this line. I would love to see other characters made into SA figures from the OT. They dont have to be obscure characters, but some would be cool, like army builders and such. Maybe a SA rebel commando or Imp. Officers, or fleet troopers.
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    Re: Would Hasbro expand the VOTC line?

    Minus the accesories, which Greivous pointed out would not fit in the coffin bubbles, I think Darth Alex had pretty good selection of the sort of figures hasbro would consider. I hate soft goods at this scale, and just need to remind everyone to look at VOTC Obi-Wan to see why. So, no soft goods.

    I'm all for PT figures in a VPTC line, but when I first heard Hasbro was releasing a new vintage style line of figures, i had the impression that the figures were also going to be in the style of the original vintage line, vs the SA figures we are getting (not that I'm complaining). Having said that, i think it would be great to get some prequel charcters done in the same style as the original vintage figures. It would be the first time I didn't groan at hearing about yet another Qui-Gon, or Darth Maul release.


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