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    How much DID I love this movie? Well, I cannot answer that until (hopefully) tonight. I should finally be able to get out to see it tonight with Mrs. JediCole, Sith Worm, and Future Mrs. Sith Worm. Of course this will be at least the third screening for SW. He called me last night, almost about to wet himself, because he could not wait for tonight to see it again. He was partaking an a 9:15 PM showing that I had to pass on due to the fact that I would be dead by now if I had gone. My delay is more from having a million things to do this week, and work, than from a lack of wanting to see the movie. I really can't wait! Besides, Frank Decaro of The Daily Show said that it does a great job of balancing all of the razzle dazzle with a good story, which he said, "isn't easy considering this story has more characters than The Bible!"
    I thought you might enjoy that line. The review on The Daily Show was hillarious and repleat with lines like that. Well, I will return soon with my apprasal of how much I love LOTR!
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    Utinni, un-plug awhile you are scaring the children...
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    In other news, FOTR recieved four Golden Globe nominations: Best Motion Picture-Drama; Best Director; Best Musical Score; and Best Original Song for Enya's "May It Be."

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    Lightbulb snacktastic!

    Caught the flick on opening night Wednesday. The theater was surprisingly half full, and filled with mostly people I could just tell where loyal Tolkkenites.

    The previews alone were worth the price of admission (okay, just kdding ) But saw the preview for AOTC, some Denzel flick, a Mel Gibson Alien-type flick and some other movie.

    The movie itself was a blast. Even though it was three hours long, I didn't find myself staring at my watch every 10 minutes like normally do during long movies. The movie featured quite a balance of action, suspense and drama. Nothing too overdone, the fight scenes weren't at all drawn out or gory. The acting was superb, and I like the fact this contained only a very few number of superstar actors.

    Episode I wasn't even as half as good as this movie is. It made me want to rush home and dust off the trilogy books I haven't read in years.:happy:
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    FOTR: Novel vs. Film...

    I am loathe to start yet another LOTR thread, so I will plop this one in here and give us multiple topics to talk about.

    What were your favorite parts of the film? the novel? Which parts of the novel would you have liked to have seen on the big-screen? Which parts of the film would you like to have seen expanded? on the cutting room floor? What's your favorite dialogue from the movie? the novel? Any book dialogue that came across different than you remember? for better? for worse? Any scenes come across different? again, for better or for worse? In general I would like your thoughts about the novel and the film in relation to each other...

    For instance. The cave troll. Although one was mentioned in the book, they never actually fought with it. Did you like that scene? Was it too CGI for you?

    Another is Isildur's sword. In the novel, Strider carried the broken hilt about with him. There was a particular scene in the novel where he threatens Sam with it, only to pull it out and reveal that only the hilt and a few inches of blade remain. I liked that better than having it on a statue in Rivendell. Although, in the book, I believe it was reforged in Rivendell before they leave, isn't it? I think in the movie, he will reforge it much later, and I like the symbolism of waiting better.

    I wanted to see more of Bill the pony. He seemed to be a bigger character in the book from what I remember.

    The flee from the shire to Bree to Rivendell seemed to be the novel on fast forward. Somebody grabbed the remote away and BAM! before you know it, it is done.

    The same goes for the truncated Lothlorien scenes. They spent three chapters in the Lorein woods and only about five minutes on screen. I really wanted to see the blind fold scenes. I liked the subtle touches that they are all wearing the leaf clasps about their cloaks after they leave. I didn't notice until my third viewing.

    Although she did a fine job, I'm still a little irked by the warrior Arwen. They remained so faithful for the rest of the film, that that sticks out even more.

    I was also a little disturbed to see Sauron "in the flesh" as it were. They never describe him the novels, so naturally their version was different from the one in my head.

    I liked the foreshadowing in Isengard when the are pulling the trees up roots and all, rather than simply chopping them down...

    For some reason, I am going around saying 'Fool of a Took!' all the time. I think it might be the best line in the movie. that and 'We may yet. We may...' Great stuff!

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    I brought my 4 year old son to the movie (yes, I know, it's not a kids' movie, but he loved it). I too, thought the uprooting of the trees of Isengard was a great touch. It will really give the siege in the next movie real meaning. My only complaint with the movie is that you don't get a feel for the timeline, and people (or creatures) seem to be able to cover a great deal of distance in a very short amount of time. I guess I've read the books too many times, but it was still my favorite movie in a long time.

    The cave troll scene was awesome. The creature in the lake was much more frightening than anything I had imagined. The Balrog was incredible, but seemed to move in slow motion. Of course, I though Ian McKellan was wonderful, as was most of the cast, but I was really surprised at Ian Holm. He captured Bilbo (in my opinion) perfectly.
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    I went to see LotR a second time last night and I thought it was much better this time.

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    The removal of Bill the Pony's story was the only dissappointment of the movie for me. Probably because I became really attached to the pony in the novel. I once had a dog that I liberated from an abusive owner and it took me a long time to get her to trust people again. So I guess Bill's story just touched me in a personal way.

    Many other changes from the novel were surprising in the least. The only one that really confused me was Frodo not sneaking away from the Fellowship using the Ring. Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn sat and watched him and Sam go across the river. I don't really know why PJ did that.

    I wish Gimli's falling in love with Galadriel and his friendship with Legolas had been touched on in the film. And revamping Moria into a recently conquered Dwarven stronghold was a little strange. However, I think all of this was done to simply streamline and focus the story on Frodo and the Ring.

    Arwen didn't bother me at all, and I am glad that PJ didn't fall into the temptation to replace one of the Fellowship with her, in order to "modernize" the story to be more politically correct. A lesser director would probably have done it. Good restraint on PJ's part: he strengthened one of the female roles, got rid of an unnecessary character (Glorfindel) and kept the integrity of the story.

    I have a feeling reforging The Sword of Elendil will be a plot point for the next film. I don't remember past the middle of TTT very well, but doesn't Arwen present Aragorn with a war banner of some sort? Maybe that will be replaced with Elendil for the movie.
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    Question Possibly an important question

    What is a Lord of the Rings spoiler? Is it something from the novel? Or a plot change in the film? It's been over 10 years since I've read the books, and some details are coming back to me slowly. If someone (huh? ) hasn't yet read the books at all (HUH? ), are we "spoiling" the whole film for them? I don't think so, but then again, I know the plot.

    Saddest thing for me, is that knowing how everything ends up in The Return of the King, I was less emotionally distraught at certain scenes.

    Great parts:
    Opening battle scene
    Any long shot of the cities and Shire
    The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-ish mine of Sauraman's army
    Birthday party fireworks
    Bilbo's "Gollum" look
    Sauraman vs. Gandalf

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    not knowing anything about this story, i saw it on opening day with an open mind. i was very impressed, but i'm sad to say i wasn't blown away. i wanted to be. i went and watched it again today, because the quality of this film is so high, it deserves a second viewing. again, i wasn't blown away. but this was the first film. i bet parts 2 and 3 will be a lot better. i guess my major complaint is i wasn't able to identify with the hobbits. i thought the elves and king's heir(viggo mortenson) were a lot cooler characters.

    i can't say how much i wish lucas would of adopted this style of filmmaking for both trilogies. serious, a darker tone, to the point and beautifully filmed with clever dialogue. none of the goofey one liners and attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator with stuff like ewoks and jar-jar.
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