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    What I didn't think they didn't express well in the movie was that they were traveling for several weeks. In the movie it seemed like they were traveling for several days.

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    I just saw this film on Christmas Eve. I thought it was excellent. Here are what I found to be the highlights of the film...

    Legolas (this guy is awesome)
    Ringwraiths (spooky and cool)
    Gandalf (extremly well played by Sir Ian)
    Bilbo's house (EXACTLY how it should look)
    The Cave-Troll (my favorite scene!)

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    I loved how everyone was trudging through the snow on Cahadras and Legolas looked like he was just taking a stroll through the park. Very elvish and also very cool!!
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    Legolas Legolas Legolas, by far the best part of the movie Biggin' did you also notice him running up the cave Troll's chain? he is the break out character of movie can't wait until his and Gimli's little game at Helms Deep in TT!
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    Legolas was awesome; but I've always been partial to dwarves and orcs, myself. This is the first movie I've seen that actually portrays dwarves as a proud warrior people not garden gnomes. (BTW D&D doesn't really count since their dwarf was over 5 feet tall and didn't do anything)

    The one thing that I am hoping for most is PJ getting the green light to make The Hobbit after he's finished with LOTR. I'd love to see how they pull off all those dwarf characters so the audience can tell them apart at a glance. There were 13 if I'm not mistaken.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    I haven't seen it yet but I cant wait to see it becuase of all the fuss I'm hearing about it
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    Saddest thing for me, is that knowing how everything ends up in The Return of the King, I was less emotionally distraught at certain scenes.

    I thought the scene immediately following Gandalf's fall was amazingly emotional. And then I looked around at all the people in the audience and realized most of them probably hadn't read the books, so they must REALLY be affected by it.

    I asked a friend who hadn't read the books how many of the fellowship survive to the end of the trilogy. He said 2. I told him the correct answer and then chuckled as I walked away, because I had confused him so...

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    If there was one part of the movie I wasn't completely blown away by, it was the stuff in lothlorien. I've seen pics of scenes that were filmed where the elves give the group there gifts, and cloaks and stuff. As well as another convo by some elves. It seems that they filmed all this stuff, started putting the film together and editing it, realized that they were already over the 2.5 hour mark, and cut most of lothlorien scenes out to keep the film as short as possible. (I realize too that the previous sentence was an extremely long run-on. )
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    Has anyone seen how much some of the LOTR merchandise is going for? I finally found the gaming miniatures at a Hastings book store and it was $40!!! For nine little half inch metal figures!!! This was even the retail price to make matters worse!!!

    I was looking forward to the miniatures so I could have the entire Fellowship journeying across my bookshelf in front of where I keep my Tolkien books. The Toy Biz figures are way too big for that.

    Oh well, the bright side is maybe they'll be on clearance soon since I don't foresee too many people rushing out to buy a $40 set of miniatures.

    Anyways, moving on to The Two Towers; does anyone know who they've gotten to play Eowyn, Theodin and Wormtongue? I've heard that Treebeard hasn't been cut from the movie, wonder what he'll look like?
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    i just read an interview with the guy who plays gandolf the grey. he said he'll be in the next films as gandalf the white, kind of like chris lee's character. so did he die, or do wizards just reform as another "shade" in middle earth?

    the third film is called "return of the king". is the viggo mortenson character going to become king?

    and how many times will frodo get stabbed or poked with a spear in the next two films? my guess is 4!


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