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    The third time seeing LotR is great. It seems like it gets better each time I see it.

    In the next movie Sauromon(sp?) the white gives up his color or something and Gandolf is now Gandolf the white instead of Gandolf the grey. I'm not sure what really happens because I haven't read the book yet.

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    FOTR is a truly fantastic movie; blows away EP I without comparison... I am honestly not anticipating Ep II they way I am TTT.

    FX wise, FOTR is an awsome achievement!

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    Knowing what the average person does about movie special effects, I recognized all of the effects from Ep1 as simple bluescreen work. Admittedly, high quality and well coordinated bluescreen work, but still nothing more than an improvement of what we had seen many times before. In fact most people I talked to where very disappointed with the FX in Ep1. That and the overload of "making of" documentaries before the movie was released effectively deflating the "wow" factor.

    With LOTR I was totally amazed once I saw Frodo jump into Gandalf's arms and saw the size difference. I've still been unable to figure out how they shrunk all these actors so convincingly. I guess that's why the movie still holds a lot of magic for me; I don't know how they did it and I am in no rush to learn.

    So if you know, don't tell me.
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    Originally posted by derek
    and how many times will frodo get stabbed or poked with a spear in the next two films? my guess is 4!
    If PJ follows the story correctly, he won't get stabbed again, but he will get bitten... twice.
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    Treebeard will be completely CGI and voiced by John Rhys-Davies. The actors for Wormtongue and Eowyn are at

    As for $40 for 9 metal figures, that is what Games Workshop has them retail at. Actually, GW has lower prices for LOTR stuff then for their Warhammer stuff. GW is notorious for extremely high prices. $10 for 1 metal miniature! The mark-ups are huge, I know, I used to work for GW. Employees get a 50% discount, and expected to spend a certain amount of money per month on the hobby. And don't expect them to go on clearence, ever.

    Your better off buying the action figures, BB.

    And no, Gandalf did not die, technically.
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    2 TOWERS I CARNT WAIT...........

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    I loved the battle scenes in LOTR, but I will always love starwars first... im not into those hobbit things.

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    I finally got the chance to see LOTR:FOTR for the first time last night...11 days after it's release! After waiting 21 years for this movie to come out there is no doubt in my mind that it was worth the wait to have the right man (Peter Jackson) take the helm. I knew it would unseat Star Wars as my all-time favorite movie and that happened. The way PJ told the story was very nearly right from out of my own mind. I have not one complaint about the movie. I even like the differences between the movie and the book as they were unimportant, but made for a few small surprises even for someone like me who has read the 4 books at least a half dozen times.

    Because a lot of people who saw the movie but didn't read the book didn't mention Gandalf's falling in the mines of Moria, I was almost thinking that they they left that part out. Thank goodness there is only a one year wait for TTT.

    And I cannot wait for the home media version, whatever that ends up being, to come out. I will own it and watch it often with my children. My introduction to this story is one of my favorite memories and I hope it will mean at least a small something to my kids.

    My only regret is that I will not collect the figures as they are atrocious. What a disappointment they were. Even with the real scan technology (which did it's job detailing the characters very well) the gimmicks like the stupid sword-swinging action, bow-drawing action, and those two contacts sticking out of Gandalf's figure's hand in order to light up his staff, take away from the figures by necessitating unsightly levers and reduced poseability in the figures. I may consider collecting these if these things change in upcoming figures.
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    Alas, I have returned! As Sith Worm the White! I have thrown down my enemy and his fall has broken A mountin! Actually I got A PS2 and haven't even turned on my PC for 3 days! Any ways Wolfy John Rhys-Davies is going to the voice? Thats going to be wicked! Once again I agree with Biggin' The magic in this movie is most of the sets were mind blowin and most were made my hand not computer I heard that Cate was standing on a card board box in the mirror scene not done with computer! I love it I love the attention to something i have loved dearly for so long and the awards man the awards up for best picture in the bloody Oscars! By the way those that read the Silm. know that can never die, one part of the book that was left out was the importance of the colors like that Saurmon's multi colored cloak wasn't in the movie "I am Saurmon of many colors!" oh well i've seen it 5 times now and will see it again and again. Oh and actually Frodo bets wacked a couple of times before the famous "bite"...
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    I saw this movie today and I thought it was very good. I was particularly fond of McKellan, as well as Christopher Lee.

    My intent is not to blaspheme, but I was really annoyed by the Hobbits. Frankly, I have no interest in the fate of Pippin and Marry. And Sam . . . well I wasn't very fond of him either. But I must say that Elijah Wood was better than I anticipated.

    Nevertheless, I commend Peter Jackson (whom I also admire for Dead Alive and The Frighteners ) on delivering a beautiful and epic picture.

    Also, I am very happy to see that so many of you Tolkien fans are pleased with the film !


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