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    Big plans for Anchor Bay’s DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD

    At this past weekend’s Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey, Fangoria Magazine got the scoop on the DAWN OF THE DEAD special edition coming from Anchor Bay Entertainment. The company has completed a new transfer of George Romero’s zombie classic, which Fango got a peek at and looks absolutely stunning; it’ll come out as a single-disc release in early 2004. Then, sometime in the spring, Anchor Bay will unleash a boxed set that looks to be a high-water mark for DVD horror releases. The set, which will contain at least three and possibly up to five discs, will showcase both the theatrical version and the longer uncut edition of DAWN, with discussions under way to include the European ZOMBI cut as well. An audio commentary by producer Richard Rubinstein has already been completed, and plans are to record a new track with Romero and Tom Savini as well. There will also be a huge still gallery and lots of other features yet to be announced.
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    I'm waiting for the box set of Dawn. I got an OOP disc to hold me until then.

    I just hope they are able to include Dario Argento's cut of the film. But possibly five discs, what will they include? Maybe three discs for the three cuts, and two discs of extras? That's quite a bit, but I'm sure Romero and Savini have a lot they can put out for this.
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    There have been a few folks asking about this set, and soon we will be revealing the details of what promises to be the most extensive edition of any title in Anchor Bay's history! The release is planned for September, and you can expect multiple versions of the film as well as new commentary tracks and interviews galore. Much more TBA!
    It's a very minor update, but it's good to see Anchor Bay is keeping the word fresh on the box set. Let's hope they hold to the September release.

    Also, for Caesar, that link will give you the latest specs on what the new AB Creepshow 2 dvd will offer.
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    The link doesn't seem to be working anymore JBF.

    As far as the DVD goes, 5 Discs? Wow, now that is what I call a special edition. 2 discs of extras would be incredible but all 3 versions of the film is a must. Last I heard the set was scheduled for a late '04 release so according to this its to be released this spring? If thats the case that is indeed great news.
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    Looks like the whole Anchor Bay site is down at the moment, Hellboy.

    As for the box set release, Anchor Bay said September 2004 in their update they made Friday.
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    Awesome, thanks JBF.

    Dawn is a lock for going into my collection and I'll definitely consider upgrading on Creepshow 2.

    I also took note of the Night of the Demons DVD coming out - I might have to replace my VHS copy . . . nothing like a full frontal shot of Linnea, eh ? (Return of the Living Dead doesn't count)

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    Re: Big plans for Anchor Bay’s DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD

    There's a another bit of news on the big set hitting this fall. Taken from the rumor section of Davis DVD:

    Ken Foree, who played SWAT team member Peter Washington in George Romero's original 1978 Dawn of the Dead, has confirmed that he was recently contacted by Anchor Bay Entertainment about doing a commentary track on the upcoming special edition mega set. Joining him on the planned track will be fellow actors David Emge, Scott Reiniger and Gaylen Ross, who play the living refugees who hole up in a shopping mall after the world is overrun by zombies. Dawn of the Dead: Special Edition will include multiple versions of the film, as well as new interviews and documentaries. Tentatively look for a release in September. Thanks to Sci Fi Wire.
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    Re: Big plans for Anchor Bay’s DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD

    Thats' pretty awesome, JBFF!! It should be interesting to hear the original zombie fighting foursome discussing the film. I'll be looking forward to it. I just hope to high heaven that the september date HOLDS and it doesn't get kicked back again.
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    Re: Big plans for Anchor Bay’s DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD

    Hit and run !

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    Re: Big plans for Anchor Bay’s DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD

    I think we can count on September. That's when all the horror movies start rolling out in time for Halloween.


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