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    Question " How much did you love the Lord of the Rings movie?"

    Well lets hear it boys, i'll be sure to tell you my opinion at about 4 a.m. even though I can tell you it right now. One of the greatest movies of all time and if you think this is good wait until The Two Towers is released!
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    3 hours to go, I'll let you know in 6.
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    Going tomorrow night with 2 of my brothers and one of my homies (if I can get tickets, they are hotta than Gawja ashphalt!)

    My older brother is a Trilogy of the Rings nut and told me that he thinks the movie will be better than Star Wars ANH (needless to say I was offended ). However I haven't seen the movie yet so I cannot judge-- yet!
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    Considering how Lucas drew from LOTR for his inpiration, I don't think this will be the last time we see SW and LOTR compared to each other.

    Personally, I prefer medievil-fantasy based stories to sci-fi. Star Wars is just that rare film that forces me to make an exception.

    A few more hours to go........
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    I wish words could describe this lump in my throat and this smile on my face. I cheered at its vastness and its detail. I wept at its beauty. It brings a melancholy joy to my heart. To see young Frodo and Gandalf in the Shire. To see the Fellowship in the deep caves of Moira. To wonder at its spectacle. Tolkein would be proud.

    Truly the best film of the year.

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, the best movie ever to grace the silver screen, period!

    I was dumbfounded at the richness of the scenery, the acting was the best I've seen in 10 years, I went breathless at the battle of Moria, and I shed a tear when Boromir died.

    When the film was over, the sold out crowd got up and left the theatre without more than 10 words spoken by us all. I say men weeping, honest to God.

    How anyone, Tolkien fan or not, can even fathom anything wrong with this picture is beyond me.

    If the other 2 films are half as good as this one, the series will no doubt surpass my love and admiration for Star Wars and become my favorite films of all time.
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    The movie I have waited 21 years for is on the silver screen today, and I am working 350 miles from home and promised my fiance that I would wait to see it together with her when I get home for Christmas...ON MONDAY!

    I am envious of those of you who have seen the movie and quite happy to hear those of you who loved it!
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    Honestly. I liked it. I thought it was a beautiful movie, I especially loved the locations used...simply stunning. And yet, I still feel it was a little on the "blah" side. It didn't make me feel as though it had changed my life after watching it, nor did it dissapoint me. I saw it as a great movie. But nothing phenomenal.

    I dare not go see it again, that's another three hours that I don't want to be stuck in a theater. It's not that it there wasn't a special feeling sitting there watching it...its just, I don't know.
    I saw it, and I'm content with it.

    I await the next movie with open arms. Mainly because I think that the first movie is always the stepping stone into a larger, greater world

    How anyone, Tolkien fan or not, can even fathom anything wrong with this picture is beyond me.
    I'm quite beyond you then. Aren't I?
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    midnight LotR showing

    I went to the midnight showing of LotR: Fellowship of the Ring lastnight and all I have to say is is that you guys will not be disappointed.
    The beginning is the best part. Some parts are a little slow though.
    I think they could have done better with the special effects.
    It was awesome seeing Sauron fighting in that war at the beginning. He would knock at least 5-8 people back with one swing of his sword with one hand.

    I give it two big thumbs up.

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    It was a great movie. The best part was the beginning.


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