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    Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Hi everyone! I am usually a "lurker" in these forums, but i thought it was about time that I post! Anyway here is my problem. I recently received my Darth Vader FX lightsaber. I've just noticed that it sounds like something has "broken loose" inside the hilt. Example: When I shake the hilt up and down (when the saber is off), it sounds like a small piece of something is rattling around, and it is NOT the D-ring thingy on the shroud because I hold that piece in place while I shake it. It works fine but this noise kinda bothers me. Does anyone else have this problem? If you could "test' your Vader FX and get back to me I would appreciate it!

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Welcome to the boards.. Dont lurk, contribute! We have all sorts of Crazy people in this place!

    I have the Vader FX. It does not rattle. You may consider writing or calling whomever you got it from.

    Besides your rattle issue, it is quite cool eh?
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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Thanks! I ordered it from Wal-mart, so I just might call to get it exchanged. As for the saber itself, I think it is the coolest piece of Star Wars I have ever owned. I've caught the Master Replicas collecting bug, which is bad because I am a poor college student! Ha!

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZachAttack
    Thanks! I ordered it from Wal-mart, so I just might call to get it exchanged. As for the saber itself, I think it is the coolest piece of Star Wars I have ever owned. I've caught the Master Replicas collecting bug, which is bad because I am a poor college student! Ha!

    Welcome to the forum. You've taken your first step into a larger prop collecting world.

    As for the Vader FX the three that I have (actually they are for my daughters) do not rattle so I would exchange the one you have. Not too sure what that could be rattling in your saber, but my girls are pretty brutal with their's with no damage from what I can see...or hear.

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Well I did end up returning it to Wal-mart ... BUT I just ordered another online! Wow, mini-rock, thats a lot of sabers! I guess if there is nothing wrong with the ones you have (with all the use they go through) there must have been something wrong with mine. Oh well, in a few business days I will have another saber! Now I just have to save up for BOTH Luke Sabers and the Mace one... gotta stop buying food for a while...

    Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it!

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    No problem Zach.

    Let us know how the new one works out for ya.

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Wow, where to start? Ok here I go... So I got my SECOND Vader FX Saber today. When I opened the saber I noticed three things:

    1. The D-ring on the shroud was discolored and all corroded looking
    2. There was a scratch on the plastic activator box
    3. There is a black "line" on the inside of the blade, and looks like whatever is inside the tube may be slightly ripped.

    It still works, but these "flaws" (especially the last two) really detracted from the piece.

    So I E-mailed Master Replicas and within an hour they has a resolution for me:
    I am supposed to mail the battery compartment and the end cap of the saber to Master Replicas with the shipping label they have provided for me, AND THEY ARE GOING TO SEND ME A NEW ONE! Here is the thing that really got me. When I called to see what I am supposed to do with the old saber, they told me to KEEP IT. So now I will have two lightsabers for the price of one. Only one will work at a time though (because I only have one battery pack).

    Let me say, through this whole experience I have been REALLY impressed with Master Replica's customer service (so far...). They had a reolution to my problem within an hour, and payed for all of the shipping costs, etc.

    So now I have a Vader FX saber, it doesn't work because I sent in my battery pack and endcap today, and I am anxiously awaiting my new saber!

    I'll post more about the customer service as it happens!

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    I picked up my Vader FX today for a moment and when I went to put it down, I noticed it was making a very small sound as if something were loose. Upon inspection, what I found was that the D-ring was making a little noise, so I held it and moved the saber again, the switch was making a tiny sound too, so I held that and moved the saber yet again, still another noise. After listening as closely as I could to the noise it made while I moved it, I deduced that this was the MOTION SENSOR!!! The motion sensor in Furbies, Furby Yoda, Furby Yoda's lightsaber, and other motion-based toys make the same sound, it is the sound of the sensor hitting the housing while swinging, it's very specific about when it hits and how it rebounds and I bet it's totally normal.

    Sorry I didn't notice it sooner Zach, might have saved you all this fuss.
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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    Ahhhhhhhh! Of course! I don't know why that never crossed my mind! It's okay, because now I get to deal with Master Replicas customer service. I've heard some VERY different (both good and bad) things about Master Replica's service and now I can judge first hand! Thanks though JediTricks, I really appreciate it!!!

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    Re: Rattling in Vader FX Saber?

    I have that rattiling in mine and it IS the motion sensor cuse i opened by fx vader up bout 4 months back to find out LOL.

    However i wish i made the sabe fortunate mistake you did and actually contacted mr with my original assumption of it being a fault cuse then id have 2 vader fx instead of 1


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