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    Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1

    Yeah.....MR release blaster on July 1. I hope, I can pre-order all of them. Because the limited is each 2500. Have any brother for the photo? I want to see them first.

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    Re: Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1

    Here's a copy of the actual email sent to CSM's:

    - Princess Leia Blaster, Limited Edition--only 2,500 worldwide
    - Princess Leia Blaster, Signature Edition
    (signed by actress Carrie Fisher!)--only 750 worldwide
    - Rebel Trooper Blaster--only 2,500 worldwide
    - Stormtrooper Blaster--only 2,500 worldwide
    These well-crafted and authentically created collectibles are
    so unique that you'll want to own all of them!
    Princess Leia Blaster, Limited Edition and Signature Edition:
    The DDC Defender sporting blaster that Princess Leia used to
    protect herself in Star Wars: A New Hope. The Signature Edition
    is signed by Princess Leia herself--actress Carrie Fisher.
    Rebel Trooper Blaster:
    The very first space weapon ever seen on-screen in the Star
    Wars Trilogy, used by the Rebel Alliance to defend Princess
    Leia's starship against the Stormtroopers.
    Stormtrooper Blaster:
    The blaster rifles used throughout the Star Wars Trilogy by the
    Imperial enemy Stormtroopers.
    The Star Wars Collection--weaponry tough enough for the
    galactic battle of the century! Add one, or all three, to your
    Your Source for Quality Collectibles,
    Master Replicas

    Colletor Society Members will have first shot at these, and lucky for us since the Stormtrooper Blaster will be the "BIG" seller of the three. I will be ordering all three come the 1st.

    ANAKIN YODA: The pic shown by MR isn't their's, but is from someone's personal collection. MR has been good about posting actual pics of their SW line on the day they go on sale so let's hope they continue to do that.

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    Re: Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1

    I'm ordering my Stormtrooper Blaster through one of the secondary websites then MR. I'll get it for cheaper and get cheaper shipping!

    The pics are up at Master Replicas, looks niicceee!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Re: Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1

    Those arent actual MR pics of their products. I ordered from MR just in case. My guy is saving me around $500 total on all items.

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    Re: Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1

    Yup, it's gone from bad to worse. First it was pics of the prop that were not taken well, and now it's no pics at all. It'll be nice when the pics of the final product appear, but who know's when that'll be.

    I went ahead and place an order for the Leia & Rebel Blasters, and ordered two of the ST Blasters (one for a friend). Got Flight 1 on all three. Last time I checked the bar for the ST Blaster was down nine squares which makes it about 1500 pre-ordered. I'm thinking tomorrow we could possibly see the rest go.

    Too bad these weren't shipping now though...too much of a gap between releases and I'm having prop withdrawls.


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